Info You Can Use – August 30, 2022

We are nearing the completion of a covert military operation.
Former military serviceman, Derek Johnson has a viral social media presence! He has informed us that DONALD TRUMP is STILL THE PRESIDENT.

Derek Johnson explains it here in this viral video:…

Via 47 US Code 606: War Powers of the President” in other words…The powers of President Trump were extended due to us being at war with the deepstate:….

Check out executive order 13919: Activating the Reserve of the Armed Forces in all 50 States…

Dr. Kia Pruitt’s videos about National Guard being activated:…

It appears that President Trump is indeed still president when we observe the following executive orders: E.O. 13848, E.O. 13885, E.O.13959, E.O. 13919. It also appears that he is revered in other countries, for example, was he crowned as “King” of Saudi Arabia? Check it out here:

Video of Saudi Arabia performing a sword dance ceremony for President Trump:

In other news, the IRS will refund $1.2 Billion in penalties to 1.6 million people:…

Also Timothy Thibault who handled the case against Hunter Biden, was escorted out of the FBI building today, because he had political bias and suppressed Hunter Biden’s laptop:…

Dr. Kia’s NESARA video with mel Carmine from the XRPQFSTEAM1:

My (Dr. Kia’s) most recent video on NESARA-GESARA: its history and benefits:

Hallie Biden speaks out on twitter:

breakingnews #donaldtrump #derekjohnson

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