The New Moon Priest/ess Initiations  “The Divine Law of Resonance”  ALL DNA is Connected Holographically  – The Ultimate Truth ~ August 29, 2022


Dragon Nation

As we are closing out this crazy intense month of August with the massive lionsgate and the current New Moon in Virgo we are entering the final four months of this pivotal year of 2022. Over the next several months and into 2023 we are reaching a type of crescendo of Galactic energies flowing in from the Great Central sun and through Solaris into Pachamama and all Ground Crew of the 144. We are reaching a precipice, the apex of our collective journey through this spacetime continuum, for instant total expansion through the eye of the needle. And in a blink of an eye we step into Eternity.

Our local Solaris continues his consistent eruptions of Solar Flares and CMEs over the last 24 hours with multiple C Class and several M Class with another powerful m6.73 Class today at 16:10 UTC; this is encoded with the the Code of our 73 Heaven on Earth with the Divine Union Trinity Code of Hieros Gamos.  Solar Region 3088 has been the most active in the last 48 hours, which is a trinity of the Lionsgate Portal. More Power and Courage of our Lion Kingdom coming in.  The Gamma Radiation emanating from the projector of the Sun is bringing high electrical potential that raises the current of our Dragon Lines and Cultivation of Chi.

The X Rays that are projected from the Sun are waves of electromagnetic radiation are absorbed by Mother Earths atmosphere but if she were to allow the ray through it could cause a mutation of DNA to a higher form and pattern. If a Solar Flash were at a strong enough level she may just do that. As the X Ray and Gamma Ray merge together they can form an Omega Point to create the portal of Exodus for our final Planetary Liberation. All Star Blossoms can assist in this transformation of the New Eden with our Pure Intent and Divine Will while holding the Visions of our New Heaven upon the New Earth. All while feeling the emotions of Joy, feeling of Peace, Happiness, Love and Bliss. Allow your heart to open and expand as we Bloom as Lotus Flowers of Samadhi and Enlightenment for all Sentient beings of the Way.

Arriving on these currents of the Gamma Plasma Rays are Cosmic Keys, Codes and Frequencies of our full upgrades and transformations of our 12 Strand Crystalline DNA and the 144 codons of the New Earth Blueprint Templates. With these upgrades and downloads come our new Divine Mission for our full compression breakthrough as Supernova Buddha Consciousness of the Pure Land of Eternal Bliss Consciousness. 5th dimensional energetics are merging with the third density to uplift and raise this field into the Realm of the New Edenic Timeline.

Stay fully present in the now and centered within the Sill White Magnetic Light of the kingdom of Heaven within, which is God Consciousness, or we can say Pure unconditional Love for self and other. all Starseeds are fully anchored into the gridline’s and fully connected to the Central Krystal Heart of Mother Gaia, the Divine Feminine Goddess as she continues to raise in resonance and expand in awareness. All veils are thinning and lifting for this Revelation of all that had been hidden from the Hearts and Minds of our Earth Angelics of the Universal Federation of Light.

Brahma has sent forward our Purple Dragon Nation to assist Gaia and hue-manity in the higher planes of this Great Awakening.

You are the Miracle the world has been waiting for. Time to Power Up and spread your miracles all over this land….A’Ho!

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