Kat Is The Sea – Blackout Info – August 27, 2022

19 hours ago
🌟 What is a Schumann blackout?

🌎 β€œDuring the blackout
a large amount of High Frequency Light
is impacting Earth
& we are seeing a very specific energetic response from Earth.
The technologies supporting the Schumann resonance graph
are being knocked offline.
When there is High Frequency Light in this magnitude
flooding the Earth Plane
we are undergoing a Light Embodiment process with Earth.
Individuals on the Earth plane
undergoing this healing process
can expect heightened sensitivity
& an increase of Ascension symptoms:
Depression, anxiety, hot/cold,
headaches, exhaustion, hunger, not hungry, etc.
One the transmutation process takes place
with the assistance of this LIGHT
a new Expansive State of Being
such as Inner-Peace, Oneness, Euphoria.
A magical process is happening
& a very significant energetic shift
individually & collectively for Earth & us.
A shift in consciousness is taking place.” πŸ•ŠοΈ

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