August 27, 2022: Hot August Fireside Tales of War and Winning [videos]


People are getting it. It’s really sinking in. Wait until they realize it’s nearly all the world leaders and unelected officials they appointed to run our lives who are pedophiles. Wait until they learn there are pedo cops, pedo teachers, pedo priests, pedo doctors, pedo movie actors, pedo agencies, pedo everything. Wait until they learn that children are a currency. Wait until they learn what else these monsters do to children. Wait until they learn about the satanic Human sacrifices. It’s a circuitous route, but we’re getting there.

It’s now confirmed that the Ashley Biden diary is real, which means we have a genuine pedophile pretending to be President

— Vince Langman (@LangmanVince) August 25, 2022

I have often stated that what we think we see happening is not what is really happening. The military is in control and they will not allow the destruction of America. If America goes down, the rest of the world will crumble and Humanity will go as well. Not happening.

A military man below explains or translates what we have seen unfolding and what it really means. I finally got to listen to this today after it was shared by a couple of crew members and it is outstanding.

We have shown evidence of martial law/admiralty law, Continuity of Government, the Law of War, etc. etc. I’ve written posts about the Coups, Soft Coups, and Coup-Coups. We have seen a handful of world leaders capitulate to President Trump on video. It’s a done deal.

Q guaranteed us that POTUS is 100% insulated and we have had countless examples that Trump, the Maestro, is always ten or twenty steps ahead of the moronic dark cabal minions. Trump isn’t dead or replaced by a clone. That is how the dark would love to demoralize us; to have us believe our fearless warrior Donald Trump is gone so we feel hopeless and afraid.

There is a very good reason why we see actors. Q told us we’re “watching a movie” and what makes for a good movie is great actors. I’ve shown you that the current Putin looks nothing like the original KGB Putin, that Biden looks nothing like the original, that Hillary Clinton is a double, I’ve shown you Fauchi on live television wiping his nose on the sleeve of his suit jacket, we’ve had video of “Dr. Deborah Birx” that clearly was not Birx and wore no scarf. She was made to wear those horrendous scarves by the White Hats in every White House update and bore the name “the scarf lady” as ridicule. That’s the “pain” Q spoke of—or at least part of it. Look at her.

I’ve shown you articles about executions and all but the proof that JFK Jr. and others are alive and fighting this war along with us. I’ve shown you images suggesting that Kayleigh McEnany is JFK’s daughter, and some suggest Jesse Watters on Fox News might be his son.

Meanwhile Macron has a Biden/Turdeau moment in Algiers. Link to Telegram.

Macron currently visiting Algeria, he approaches crowds thinking they’re greeting him, Algerian police know better as the chants consist of “f*ck you” and they quickly scramble him into a car

From the fake Airforce 1 and cold shoulder the military give to Joe Biden and the First Lady it should be crystal clear who is in control at this point. If the White Hats are flying by the seat of their pants how do you explain the specifically allocated wardrobe Melania Trump wears to signal to us and others what is happening? You don’t think her dressmaker whips up those perfectly tailored outfits overnight, do you? The green dress for a financial clue, the tiffany blue suit, the white hat as a signal, the UFO hat, the “red October” dress, the Princess Diana knock-off, the military style garb… there are no accidents. This was all planned by the wardrobe department long ago—and shoes to match.

We have had years of Q tips to guide us along this path and gain a decent understanding of what is really happening behind the scenes, despite how it looks on the surface. Don’t listen to the fear mongering. This is an exciting time to be incarnate and we begged to be here for this. Enjoy it. The laws that Biden and friends supposedly enacted… all will be nullified. It’s not difficult with a flick of a pen. Or perhaps Trump will tear them up like Nancy Pelosi tore up the State of the Union address. That was a spectacular movie moment that dropped a few jaws.

That headline about the IRS hiring 87,000 new agents who would be trained to carry weapons… please. I didn’t include it in a post because it’s so ridiculous. It’s obviously a scare tactic. The IRS has been disbanded and the employees redistributed to do other work if they wanted to stay as a government employee. Income tax is unlawful and the new Quantum Financial System will change our lives.

You cannot expect this takedown to be done in the public eye when most of the American people are completely asleep to what is unfolding, and you have to expect to read between the lines and that there is a great deal of disinformation. While the military is bent on scaring the crap out of the normies to get their attention—I suspect using people like Mike Adams to do so—there is nothing to worry about.

We’ve got this and you will hear from this highly informed man below the reason for much of what we have been seeing in the news and have been experiencing in our daily lives. It all makes sense when you know the law, and in particular, MILITARY law.

We have seen a number of military people step up and do important work. Tulsi Gabbard, Wendy Rogers, Dr. Ronny Jackson, Ron DeSantis, Capt. Seth Keshel, Gen. Flynn… there are many more. They will not allow America to fall. Whether we agree or not with the methods used to liberate the US of A and the world, we should be very grateful to the Human element that interceded in the nick of time.

This is a must-watch video on Before It’s News from a man who joined the military for the right reasons. 1 hr. 30 min.

USA Military Veteran With Top Secret Military Clearance Explains Why Donald Trump Is Still President!!

Another video I didn’t want to end was the following Brad Olsen interview on Patriot Underground. Brad begins talking about his experience in Antarctica which interested me because we also set sail from Patagonia—Ushwuaia, on a ship. Our destination was Isla Magdalena where we debarked to see the wind-strafed sands where the Magellanic pinguinos carved out their depressions and nested without cover from the relentless, vicious escoba de dios [God’s broom]. How can you relax when you’re constantly sand-blasted?

The seas were so rough I was expecting the ship to capsize with all those cars and people on it. It was too extreme for my comfort level—but memorable. My other half has been to Russia, Norway, Iceland and Greenland and sailed amongst the icebergs and whales, had a dip in the ice bath the crazy Russians cut in the lake ice, and also had drinks made with the blue ice that goes snap-crackle-pop.

From that standpoint it was a very entertaining video from Brad & Patriot that eventually goes more and more into the current events and subterfuge of the information war, the White Hat strategy, the New World Order tactics, and what the future might hold. This one gets top marks from me as it will help many people innerstand the current sit-reps. He also dispelled some of the possible disinformation about Antarctic bases, permissions, forbidden zones, and got into the Nazi relocation package/Project Paperclip, etc.

Patriot also included some excellent video clips to complement the discussion, including the space craft above in the Antarctic ice. 2 hr.

Brad Olsen Interview #5

We shared this video yesterday and now Kabamur has added context. If you didn’t see the spectacular rainbow capture over the Chinese city of Haiku, it’s a real wowza. Most people assume a UFO/UAP is “alien”. Most are not. More info on Telegram.

“This is a small cloaked Galactic Federation craft that looks much bigger because of the frequencies it’s emitting to clear toxins and viruses in the air.”

Clouds of Haiku City
Just a cloud, or aliens?
Guess we will find out

— T-Gill (@TGill2Trill) August 27, 2022

Here is some more context for our current game plan. Link to Telegram.

I still laugh when people think Epstein killed himself or is dead.

One of the world’s most HIGHEST profiled criminals in history connected to human trafficking, child trafficking, pedophilia, blackmail of world ELITES. Movie stars. Presidents . Prime Minister’s . ECT ECT ECT. A man who infiltrated almost every institution across the earth from INTEL agencies to Future 500 companies….. Was simply arrested and put in a public jail?

Use your logic …. Even small time criminals are put in Protective Custody. Low class Mafia members , small time Whistleblowers are in witness protection operations.

Jeffrey Epstein was one of the highest profiled criminals across the World with hundreds of thousands of ELITE people wanting to KILL him…… Do you really think the government would arrest him after a world wide manhunt and then just throw him in public jail?

What really happened inside that jail cell?

Why did White HATS Mil. Set up a STING inside the jail.
>You can be sure everything was recorded. Military INTEL. Space force recorded everything
, Watched everything. Got every piece of information that connects CLINTONS.DOJ.FBI…& informants to EPSTEIN and the attempted murder of EPSTEIN ( fake actor stand-in)……
>You should be surprised how much technology Space Force.
Mil INTEL technology has…. They have technology 200X stronger than TIC TOK GOOGLE FACEBOOK ECT A I. SYSTEMS that collect every data. Phone call. Text. Other Devices used in your IP address ….
The power Space Force has is beyond imagination.. They can track every person at WILL in live 3D formats and HEAR every whisper…..
>What Space force has is over 30 YEARS of future technology in their hands…

Everything is heating up
To the perfect STORM//////

I recall a Q drop taunting the cabal, saying they could hear them breathing. Ah, here it is.


Nov 13, 2017 1:04:46 PM EST

Q !ITPb.qbhqoID: /lc4nimENo. 149262582 

Distress cal[L]s to others will [d]o you/family no good at this stage.

We know whe[R]e you/the family are at all times and can hear you BREATHing.


Four bells. That’s it for today. Have a wonderful weekend.  ~ BP

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