Minyma ~ August 26, 2022


Higher light decree

MASSIVE incoming energy the past 24 hours and counting beloveds. Lots of head pressure, mental chatter, solar plexus/liver, sacral/womb activations, restlessness, sleeplessness, deep thirst, body heat, heart pressure/palpitations, body is buzzing/shaking/humming. Lots of dense/unsettling/shadow energy. Stand/claim and ground into your sovereignty, Mars in Gemini has to do with the mind and it’s being amplified by the flares. This is the time to MASTER the mind and chose your trajectory, chose your timeline. Deep breathing, take it easy as possible and get as much rest as you can

source: https://www.motherofstarkeeping.com

One thought on “Minyma ~ August 26, 2022

  1. When is the GOOD stuff gonna happen? Dealing with these symptoms since 2010, lost the WHOLE of my 30’s due to this, and I want those stolen years BACK. Still waiting for, you know, BENEFITS from all this.


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