God Particle – A GREAT WAVE OF LIGHT & FIRE IS UPON US ~ Merging of The Otherworld Divine You – THE NIRVANA SUN ~ August 26, 2022


Editor’s Note: Hmm…a “God Particle”. What is that? It seems to me that each hu-man (that is “light” inside the mortal man) contains the essence of God within. This thought is consistent with the teachings of Christ in that we “…will also do the works that I do…”.

For me, this is a message for my own Divinity, and even greater that that…my ability to KNOW Who I Am from a Quantum perspective. The amazing point is that you are Quantum as well (!), it’s simply a matter of perspective…how do you perceive your own self?

The message below is supportive for this Quantum idea, yet many may be slightly off-set by loosey-goosey “new-age” language. All men are attracted ideas, with supportive language, which help make the “me” feel special and important, so please read the intent of the message below, understand Who You truly are, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Greetings Precious Soul Star Sparks of 12th Dimensional Kingdom of Light

We came here on mission to transform and raise the vibration of this simulation to activate the physics of Immortality for all living beings of Shambhala.

We are currently experiencing a massive shift in energetics both internally and externally. Pachamama is being flooded with higher dimensional waves of Adamantine Particles and Gamma Plasma Light directly from the Great Central Cosmic Sun. Mother/ Father God, Prime Creator is sending Legions of  Light to assist and support Gaia and all Lightworkers that are in the trenches and on the streets changing this simulation from the inside out.

This is an inside job and why many of the Ascended Masters and Star Angelic Nations of the Gold Ray of Source have been sent to participate and Co-Create the Great Transformation of this realm into the Paradise she has always evolved to be. We are embodying the holiest and highest frequency closest to Source for the upliftment and empowerment of all Sentient beings of the Pure Way. The Meek are inheriting this earth and we humbly accept.

With these intense waves of higher light we had a spike on the schumann at 25 hz followed by over 9 hours of blackout on the charts. We are navigating in between worlds anchored fully into 5D and beyond. The foundations of our New Earth have been set and now we rise to the Paradigm of Peace and Prosperity for all. Our local Solaris also developed a strange anomaly as a massive Coronal Hole faces the Earth and a large Sunspot appeared within the hole. This is the yang within the yin as she builds to release the Rays and Packets of new Keys and Codes for our Great Awakening.

All Earth Ground Crew of the Starseeds of the 144 are going through major DNA upgrade and recalibrations now. We are being reunited and reassociated with our True Self, our Buddha Nature. We were split from our deeper natural feelings through the traumas projected upon us. Now we heal through the Unconditional Love of Christos Consciousness and the Magdalene in Divine Union. The Yin merge with the Yang, the water and fire come together, Shakti dances with Shiva and the Eagle Fly with the Condor in Hieros Gamos the Flames of Divine Union.

We are the Brave Warriors of the Light, the Change Agents, the Gatekeepers and the Guardians of the Pure Land of Eternal Bliss Consciousness.  With the Courage of our Royal Lyran Lion Nation we tap into the Universal Life Force and connect with the Power of Silence within to rise through the Ascension Portal and into the Edenic Lands of Milk and Honey ,fully awake and fully aware, forever more. Nirvana shall awaken the Dragon from within and we shall be Victorious! …A’Ho!


2 thoughts on “God Particle – A GREAT WAVE OF LIGHT & FIRE IS UPON US ~ Merging of The Otherworld Divine You – THE NIRVANA SUN ~ August 26, 2022

  1. Bless you! And thank you so much for your continued work!
    I so wish that I was still able to get on Facebook and Share
    I can’t get in my old accounts and I cannot set up a new one
    I’m sharing as I can though and will continue
    Keep up the great work


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