Common Law ~ August 26, 2022


Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 26, 2022

What is Birthright, the rules of the game of life and consciousness:

It is your birthright that you should be able to claim at all times.

Birthright is the right that belongs to someone by virtue of their birth a right of inheritance obtained through your parents.

When you are born you have a right to protection from your parents.

You have a right to healthy food, clean healthy water, clean air, security, health, love and happiness.

You have the right to live in harmony with your environment, together with humans, animals and nature.

You have the right to learn and develop as a HUMAN and pass on your knowledge and skills to your own children and posterity.

In short you have the right to exist as a HUMAN.

You have the right to treat each other with respect and become aware of your GOD-given rights.

You have the right to share you talent with others, multiply prosperity and happiness, contentment, HOPE you are a HUMAN.

The customary law, right of the LAND your reds, the rules of behavior you are supposed to respect.

The customary law is the form of conduct with and for each other, with the above mentioned rights there are also duties.

The customary law is unconditionally given by your creator and inalienable as a claim to your birthright as a HUMAN with its own soul and conscience.

You have the right to grow spiritually through your life’s lessons in order to live freely as you choose.

You were born a HUMAN, not a corporation with a commercial claim on you as a HUMAN of a corrupt system.

You are not a Citizen who has to be a guarantor for the whims of a false GOVERNMENT.

You are not a PERSON, but a HUMAN, who can communicate, have emotions and is the reproductive product (child) of his parents.

You have the right to think, feel and enjoy yourself independently, you are free and may make choice I the fulfillment of your own life.

1, You will not harm anyone.

2, You will not steal.

3, You shall not KILL.

4, You will not lie and cheat.

5, You will not coerce or extort.

6, You will not deprive each other of freedom.

7, You shall not envy, and covet what you do not have or accrue if you have not worked for and on it yourself.

From the above you can see that all these rights have been taken away from you by dead entities without a soul and conscience, which in this day and age is called THE GOVERNMENT.

The current corrupt inhuman system has forced you to survive, not live happily and freely.

Governments are corporations pursuing their own interest, their commercial interest where you as a HUMAN have been relegated to a legal construct as a fictitious person that you are not by birth.

You have been deceived and made a citizen of you, a citizen guarantees a company the GOVERNMENT, acting as HUMAN and organ traders.

You are not sovereign, never have been, it is taken away from you immediately after birth.

You are treated as a subject, while you do not have to be subservient to anyone, you are a free HUMAN.

The corporate GOVERNMENT has no right to trade you as a TRADEMARK, that is and never was the meaning and fulfillment of your existence and life.

The corrupt system has kept you ignorant in order to survive itself and steal you from the fruits of your labor.

The corrupt system has intentionally made you SICK to make money off of you.

The corrupt system is slowly killing you in order to dispossess you.

The Justice of the corrupt system is complicit in your oppression to force you to continue to obey as a slave.

If you want to be a free HUMAN, stop following false leaders but hold them accountable and sue them for their crimes against you and HUMANITY.

A new jurisprudence under Common Law is necessary to restore balance and trust in society, Justice for the people, by the people with the common law as its foundation what society should protect.

Judging and sentencing is not the job of an appointed judge, he does not have the authority to speak on behalf of a system, without being liable for his own actions and judgment as a Human and natural person.

Therefore, a Jury of 12 or more people who determine if someone is guilty, and if there is a claim to this guilt, award it, with the majority determining the outcome of a People’s Court.

Much crime has been committed against the HUMANITY, this will have to be judged if we want to shape a new future with a clean slate.

The current criminals from politics have systematically robbed us of our right to exist, health and indoctrinated us with propaganda to believe their lies and continue to follow their policies.

When you become aware of what laws they have broken to carry out their GENOCIDE agenda, while you have been instilled with fear to take their lethal injection.

This can only be overturned by a power of the people, by directing the LEGER to arrest and try the GENOCIDE perpetrators under the laws of war, for we the PEOPLE have long been is state of war that the self declared Elite is committing against the PEOPLE.

Where false elites go, They all go.

Don’t marvel when you get up on a beautiful sunny day, with no Chemtrails with the singing of birds, the moment where Biblical scenes have wiped the Satanists and Globalists off the face of the Earth.

When that dawns on you, know that is when GESARA is in operation.

The symbolic lightworkers of 144,000, which are clearly many more, are people from all walks of life who will give shape to the transformation for the Earth and all her life, human, animal and nature.

Wealth in the form of money or funds have no value if you do not share it.

Are you here at this time a part of the PLAN, then carry it out to the best of your knowledge, be of service and give substance to your task for which you were selected, it is no coincidence that you are here at this time and exist, it is the fulfillment of a task for which you were born as a human being.

Remember we have all come a long way, made mistakes in our lives, with the privilege of learning from our mistakes.

No matter how big your mistake was, if you have learned from your life lessons it is a piece of your consciousness that have shaped who you are today.

If you are sincere of SOUL and HEART, then you are ready to accomplish your task as a HUMAN for your fellow human beings.

If you have a calling and task, do not doubt but carry it out, mistakes are learning moments.

Do not allow selfishness and lust for power from figures who want to stop you from your task.



However, U.C.C. 2013032035 uses the current corporate system in place now (no other way) to “legally” identify the “Eternal Essence” of each human on Earth. This legally provides basic human rights to exist as a separate entity not owned by the state. This document was filed, and accepted, and is documented by the U.C.C. opening YUGE doors for human abundance…legally. 🌹

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