The Pleiadians – WE HAVE NOW ARRIVED – August 25, 2022

24 thoughts on “The Pleiadians – WE HAVE NOW ARRIVED – August 25, 2022

    1. IF they have arrived, why aren’t they healing us? Why sit there and watch us suffer? I’m literally dying here and I need help!!


  1. Some of us have tons of land to use as a first contact/landing site.

    Come on, guys……stop lollygagging up there and land.


      1. Yeah they should. What’s taking so damn long? I’m suffering every day. I hope they can raise the dead ,, they’re taking way too long.


    1. I think it may help to imagine…”what if”…they contacted me, my pain disappears, my own personal medbed is here, etc. etc.

      These thoughts may raise you despite the agony you are in?
      Also try speaking either the Pleiadian Council and/ or Mira, the Pleiadian!

      Much Love …🌹


      1. Hope they can give me the gender correction I need BADLY as well as making me more, if not all, alien once again.

        I also gonna need one of those ships to give me a ride off planet, to find my REAL home world.


  2. Why do people do this??? Claim that they can help us but doesn’t!! If they are here with hospital ships, then where the hell are they?


  3. WWG1WGA 🙏🏻🐛🦋🌈🇺🇸🌎♥️☮️
    It’s almost 6:00 let pray the St Germain prayer giving thanks in advance!
    Tomorrow tomorrow there’s always tomorrow
    Any day now do do doo dooo
    Trumps coming back I want the world to know got to let it show
    Rough day crying alllll day
    Share share share
    Wakes wakey
    Pray pray pray


      1. Well, if you have the time can I please help contact them on my behalf? I’m trying to but it’s difficult with all my pain interfering. I desperately need to get to a hospital ship. I’m literally dying here.


      2. Oh Jimmie…I do wish I could help with contact, yet this Is your own journey that only you hold the key for. Concentrate as best you can as your pain is understood. Much Love…🌹


  4. I’m just saying if they can make the video, unless it’s not them, shouldn’t we be able to communicate back through the internet? How can we be sure it’s them and not some prank?


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