Corona Hole Incoming – Ascension Symptoms – August 25, 2022

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Eliza for this one!

Dear family, this image of the Sun today (it’s the latest from the STEREO probe) has me hypnotized. I don’t know if it’s because of the disposition of the sunspot or because there’s a particularly bright spot inside the coronal hole (which is actually a cold area of the Sun).

Currently, we are having a lot of activity in all chakras (i.e. throughout the body) but the most common symptoms are nausea, upset stomach or gastritis, inability to eat or indigestion (even for a harmless apple), fatigue and excessive, feeling of being in two dimensions at once & many things in the head (burn in the brain, tingling on the scalp, the feeling of having “tight buns”, cold or heat, bugs walking – as if they were lice-hollow head or as if they were going to fly out), also can also feel vibrations pain all over the body and pain in the teeth. Drink plenty of water, don’t be scared & get as much rest as you can. This too will pass



Note to Readers:

I can verify feeling some of the sensations as noted above (TMI if I go into detail  Resting and drinking filtered water!

Anyone else seeing sparkles in the air? Or experiencing strange sleeping patterns? Our bodies are going through a huge transition. Support it with cell salts, minerals, water, rest and light exercise… and sunshine.


6 thoughts on “Corona Hole Incoming – Ascension Symptoms – August 25, 2022

  1. What happens to those staying in 3D I Am a single mother with health conditions and need to plan for my children my body is not well constant changing of information I need to end and move on???


    1. Well…what is YOUR fondest wish for your future? You are the one to fulfill your desires! Sounds really crazy, but try and focus on one aspect….say your youngest suddenly has a wonderful moment which lingers for your child. Stay focused on the joy YOU FEEL and then “stay there” by consciously re-living this memory and joyful feeling over and over. The “details” of your life will all fall into place in keeping with the Joy(!) you have become. Love You! 🌹

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      1. I just don’t understand why people don’t understand I Made a terrible decision that changed my entire life for this entire year I have barely been alive I am able to play it off some days but not all I had 2 lethal shots it has taken a toll on me badly that is not going away and every time I get upset my body gets far too ill I c
        Have to protect the time I have left for my children I don’t have joy I know the condition I Am in regardless if I speak about it or ignore it or if people do or don’t understand getting 2 moderna shots life expectancy and quality is not a secret or unknown that is Me…


      2. My fondest wishes I already were stated. Direct ET contact, go with them, get transformed/restored (gender and genetics), get to travel the stars again, find my real home world, and my special someone, who I KNOW is alien. And all of it in THIS lifetime. There will be NO more reincarnation after this life, so I need it to happen ASAP.

        And to start all of it, I need one of them to arrive and land.


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