Even More Telegram Tonight – August 24, 2022

US New Home Sales Crashed In July, Lowest SAAR Since Jan 2016

US new home sales were expected to slide once again July but the 12.6% MoM crash was shocking (vs -2.5% exp). This pushed new home sales down 29.6% YoY

This is the 6th monthly drop in new home sales in the last 7 months (with some notable downward revisions too).

This is the lowest SAAR for new home sales since Jan 2016

Supply of new homes is soaring, now at 10.9 months vs 9.2 in the prior month… That is the highest supply since March 2009…

Finally, given the plunge in purchase mortgage applications, new home sales has further to fall still…


Malaysia’s Najib Razak will become the country’s first former prime minister to be jailed, after losing his final appeal on Tuesday in a graft case linked to the looting of the 1MDB state fund.




❗️”We never give experimental medicines to pregnant women”❗️

“It’s very disturbing…there’s NO REPRODUCTIVE TOXICOLOGY




VAERS 5,000


UK 850

🔺Clinical trials show that 82% of women suffered miscarriage as reported by NEJM🔗 source

🔺We are seeing a 28X increase in stillbirths in Canada 🔗source

🔺300% increase in miscarriage in the US Military 🔗source



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