August 24, 2022: The Invisible War Under Black Light [videos]


While some of us understand the situation fairly accurately and are navigating the storm well, there are many who would like to innerstand better, but need help translating what they see and hear. They need us to shine that black light on the sit-reps to highlight what is important, what is likely true, what is bunk, who is who in the zoo, and to show them where the monsters are hiding. When you train the black light on these little blighters the creepy-crawlies scatter and you can’t miss ’em.

The ones just now realizing the dire situation on our planet need help to see how they can avoid being prey to the globalist regime and personally deploy to fight for Humanity in whatever ways they can; small or great.

These are indeed fascinating times and we continue to get alerts about the “scare event” that is to come; the one needed for the Humans still deep under hypnosis to come around, leave the fog, and get crackin’—which is fighting for their freedom and their ultimate survival and ceasing to support the system of evil into which we were all indoctrinated since birth.

Updates like this one get my attention: Link to Telegram.

The next phase in DEEP STATE AGENDA is too activate all the Immigrants they let into the country ….
If you don’t know already…
> 100s of millions of immigrants that came through the border in the past two years….. Up to 10% percent of them are military trained! That came off of CIA training farms in middle America and South America….//)


It’s getting closer…. EVENTS
When many truthers have WARNED of several EVENTS taking place now is not fear mongering.. But warnings and information!……( If your given information before a car accident…. That’s helpful information and not fear mongering/////
Lots of Russian training exercises began in south American..
Iran, Russia, and China are gearing up to run a series of major war drills in Latin America in a show of force meant to signal how these militaries can reach the United States.

In mid-August, Venezuela will host the “Sniper Frontier” competition with the participation of Russia, Iran, and China’s military, as well as at least 10 other nations.

☝️ All a cover story ….. It all connects to EVENTS.

If you missed Kerry Cassidy’s bulging update with Patriot Underground, I highly recommend you listen to that for much needed perspective. Too many people who think they’re “awake” because they know America and the world are under siege, simply do not understand The Plan, the strategy, the risks, the dangers, the players and their roles, the Illuminati plan to expunge Humanity from the face of the Earth, or how The Art of War is in play every day in the constant tug-of-war between good and evil. Kerry explained, as I have many times, that there is no black and white to this. It’s countless shades of grey.

Too many see Trump as their saviour, believe the Q Team and the military have magic wands and will save us all while we sit back, surf the web for the most sensational headlines and munch on popcorn.

Yes, the benevolent ones have done a lot of the heavy lifting already, and yes, they want us to be informed, aware, strong, unified, and to remain calm—but not comatose—and I see no place for criticizing Trump, Q, the White Hats, the Military, the Earth Alliance. It’s impossible to walk a mile in their shoes but we have our imaginations and a sobering series of events over the past several years to show us what it takes to free an entire planet of people who are unaware they are prey or slaves locked in a holographic simulation.

If you understood the reality, how could you be so ungrateful to the ones putting their lives on the line and those of their families—particularly when the current situation is partially our fault for being asleep at the wheel and unwilling to take control of our government, do the steering, and apply the breaks when things began to go south? We can no longer say, “That’s just politics. They all lie.” Public servants can no longer use the excuse, “I was just doing my job.”

Right is right, and wrong is wrong and we have to pick a lane. We all know the difference between right and wrong in most cases and it’s obvious with the extent of the massive coverups perpetrated by the enemy that they are well aware their behaviour is unethical, illegal, and underhanded. Their layers of lies are deeper than the mud flood.

Kerry Cassidy felt it important to craft the following article about another threat. Is she always correct? No, and discernment is always required. No one except a very small circle knows what The Plan entails, and how it will be executed or when deadlines are. Kerry gives her opinion based on her vast knowledge of the planetary situation past and present, but she is not privy to the current status of all the enemy’s plans or how the White Hats might counter.

THE BORG/ SKYNET: Activation Date for Armies of the Vaxxed

We know the good guys are true to their word when we see actual arrests within the crime syndicates running the show. Here is Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, on video during his DUI stop. He couldn’t stand without bracing himself against the car. People need to see that the criminals are getting what’s coming to them and that the two-tiered justice system is no longer.

Here’s the full 9 minute video if you’d care to watch and listen.

BREAKING: Paul Pelosi DUI arrest dashboard FOOTAGE RELEASED by California Highway Patrol

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) August 23, 2022

As usual, when a mobster is fingered information and charges start small, and then they grow. What began as a DUI arrest expanded over a few days and now PP has had drugs linked to his name and is under scrutiny for the millions he made which was allegedly due to insider trading and advance knowledge of financial moves through his spouse, Nancy, as Speaker of the House.

The crimes of these global control freaks are still not fully revealed but gradually we are learning the full scope of their transgressions, to put it mildly.

Did you hear Marjorie Taylor Greene’s name tossed in the hat for “Speaker”? Someone wants to shut her up before she even gets the chance. S.W.A.T. showed up at her home last night.

Marjorie goes into detail on the raid at her home on the Charlie Kirk show. Matt Gaetz was re-elected in Florida with week and he is a guest as well.

The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE on RAV w/ Guest Host Poso ft. Matt Gaetz, MTG & MORE | 8.24.22 (

There is a lot of forward momentum and positive results on some fronts from the midterm elections. In Florida they had big wins this week for the children, as well, and Gov. DeSantis is steamrolling the corrupt actors in that state.

Here in Arizona, Kari Lake wants to finish Trump’s wall—her way.

Kari Lake Pledges to Declare Invasion, Seize Fed Border Wall Materials and Use Them to Finish Wall (

Neil Oliver’s monologue gets into the appalling, long-planned scheme of the scamdemic and how the evil machinations of these soulless monsters affected Humanity over the past two and a half years in the wake of the recent admitted mistakes of the non-governmental [private] corporations posing as federal agencies and advisory groups.

As Oliver points out, they’re not sorry. They’re psychopaths. The only regret they feel is getting caught. They delight in ruining lives. Human lives here on “the farm” mean nothing to them but dollar signs and loosh energy.

Neil Oliver: Our Leaders Have Destroyed Lives

As if the scamdemic wasn’t bad enough, we’ve had threats of the variations on the strains, Monkeypox, and now… they just never stop.

They claim the blisters eventually enlarge to “tomato-sized”. What?!

“Tomato flu gained its name on the basis of the eruption of red and painful blisters throughout the body that gradually enlarge to the size of a tomato. These blisters resemble those seen with the monkeypox virus in young individuals.”

North of the 49th, Canucks are fighting for their lives as hard as their southern counterparts and they have tremendous obstacles to surmount. The Turdeau government is relentlessly persecuting the patriots who braved the cold in Ottawa this past winter, joined the truckers’ convoy, and made it plain that they were not okay with the tyranny.

One would think it has to be hard for the still entranced residents to stay asleep with the extreme measures and penalties the cabal is hammering them with but they appear to continue to hit that snooze button. Do they even know their elections have been rigged?

It appears the corporate cabal network news in Canada has thoroughly brainwashed the population. Fortunately, there are a few who are aware of the deception and crimes, as this Kelowna, BC billboard will attest.

Meanwhile, it’s been two years since my mother died alone the week we were supposed to visit her but had to cancel our trip, and her remains still reside within a complementary box on a shelf at the mortuary because we are unable to return to Canada to honour her last wishes.

Due to the government’s ineptitude, it took two years to process the estate and close the account. I am so thankful to the executrices who came to our rescue in our hour of need. Most people were more cooperative than we could have hoped. Someday, justice must be done and we will close this chapter but we don’t know when that will be since the Trudeau government is harassing Canadians entering the country over the malignant ArriveCAN app they insist everyone must have.

When will the bulk of Canadians wake up? The flu disappeared when they renamed it all Covid; now Covid is disappearing because they are saying the deaths due to the experimental gene-altering technology are an unknown cause. It certainly makes the medical field look inept when they can’t pinpoint why so many people have died. COD Unknown is not acceptable. Link to Telegram for video.

Can someone explain to me why the number 1 cause of death in Canada, Alberta is “cause unknown”?

It overtook the Covid. We understand that there were more deaths in 2020 from Covid, but why in 2021 is there a peak in excess mortality, of unknown cause?

Follow: @Covid19vaccinevictims

This is encouraging, however. A few are standing up for their rights and the law.

Saskatchewan warns Trudeau’s federal Nitrogen agents could be arrested

On the other side of the pond, the battle seems to be amping up.

France launches climate change police force – The Counter Signal

In Oz there are more blockades by the truckers. The best news from down under was the new PM calling out the old one and stating he had been running a shadow government. That should have vindicated a few outspoken patriots.

Several times over the past couple of years we have listened to interviews with a “Q” who sounded a little like Joe M, the maker of some outstanding videos like, The Plan to Save the World. I believe it is this same fellow who was dubbed “letter before R” by Ted Mahr. He is a special teacher with a calming demeanor and his sessions are some of my favourites with those from another realm. The crew picked up this new interview with different hosts and we learned things from him, as always; such as better and easier ways to be Human at this point. Coming from someone who can bilocate and be in multiple dimensions at one time, it’s a riveting discussion.

Q joins with Love Won Society

Perhaps on the woo-woo side for some, we have the following from the spiritual realm. This is part 2, but part 1 is also available at the link if you wish to take it in.

The Seraphim Dream, Tim Sheets: Strike Season Begins!

This is a little unusual and bears mentioning. This morning on our walk I thought I heard a red-winged blackbird. They’re rarely ever seen outside a riparian area and marshes but it sure sounded like one and I wondered why it was in the middle of our neighbourhood. Then I remembered reading the following. [Does it apply to escaping from vehicles, too?]

Pleiadians say to pay attention to the animals because a change in their behavior will be a sign that the Shift is near.

Many animals will be seen in places they’ve never been. They’ll escape zoos, migrate at wrong times. They are experiencing new frequencies and losing their fear.

That’s it for today. Be sure to check out the comments beneath each post for good stuff the crew drops there.  ~ BP

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One thought on “August 24, 2022: The Invisible War Under Black Light [videos]

  1. Time the Pleiadians, and the rest, SHOW UP. It’s not just evil humans we’re up against, but their dark ,ET puppet masters. Plus some of us want to go HOME.


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