We’ve Been Warned, The Stage Has Been Set, Fallout Maps Released ~ August 23, 2022


Editor’s Note: Ok…here ya go! Where do you live? Yet…those who KNOW, KNOW that nuclear explosions are NOT in our future. So my recommendation is to breathe, relax, and then enjoy as the show begins to end, leaving us all to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


CERN activates 7-5-22 10 Years After Its Discovery of the god particle. Next day Georgia Guidestones get blown up. Then the next couple weeks politicians from around the world die or resign. Few days later NYC is given a warning of a Nuclear Disaster, Nature writes an article of Nuclear War and the consequences of even a small tactical Nuclear War that would wipe out about 63% of the population conservatively. Do the Powers that be know something we dont? Or are they using Nuclear Doom as a mind control tactic, to keep people in the fight or flight mode? Watch the video in full its about 12 minutes and worth the time to watch.

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