The Nomad Economist: This is the Root of the all American Economic Problems ~ August 22, 2022


The Nomad Economist
Premiered Aug 21, 2022

A magnificent overview of America’s economic difficulties that succinctly points out the root of the problem: the Federal Reserve. Time to end it. What made America great was the fact that the average Joe could work hard and provide for his family. It was called the American Dream.

But somewhere along the way something went wrong, and the dream became a nightmare. The biggest culprit in the death of the American Dream is the US Federal Government. In general, when a government stays put and does not infringe on the personal and financial lives of its people, one can almost bet that things will remain pretty stable.

However, sooner or later a Government becomes a Frankensteinian operation that must feed its Gargantuan creature called Bureaucracy.

And the only way to feed that giant monster is with money, which then becomes the State’s obsession since it can never have enough.

Soon the State’s relationship with the citizenry it was meant to serve becomes exactly like that of a two-bit Mafia don with its coerced victims: “I want my cut. Capisce?” Eventually the State’s obsession with money trickles down to every stratum of society.

As Newton’s third law of motion proved, for every action there is systematically an equal reaction accompanied by opposite reactions no one expected. And that’s what went wrong in America.

As the money obsession spread, money morphed from a means to an end to the end of all means, with terrible consequences. The purpose or the end of money has become money itself. As a result, all responsibility has been thrown out the window.

The problem began at the Federal level when the US Government (USG) allowed the Federal Reserve System to come into existence, without any Congressional oversight and without Constitutional Ratification. The Fed – as it is called – is a private institution disguised as Federal that creates money out of thin air.

 Its primary purpose is to enrich its secret and not so secret members via unlimited money printing. Its secondary purpose is to feed the USG’s gargantuan operations – at the right interest rate, of course. Hence to the Fed money is its own end. It creates money to get money.

And the reason it is so is because the con-artists who control it via their private banks made it so. The robber Barons of old used money as a means to develop the United States by creating infrastructures and industries. But not today. Our contemporary robbers only want money for money’s sake. They create money with no worth (i.e., with no gold or silver to back it up) and give it the veneer of value through various money market instruments.

The Fed is an ungodly printing machine of fiat money or paper money solely at the disposal of irresponsible money-addicted monsters who can never accumulate enough.

When a mom and pop business takes roots, its purpose is to take care of the family. Its end is noble. However, as mega corporations displace the majority of the mom and pop businesses throughout the US, their only purpose becomes the satisfaction of their greedy shareholders who apparently can never get enough profit. Thus profit becomes the ungodly god.

 If there is not enough of it, employees who depend on their jobs to care for their families are laid off without any sense of responsibility or mercy, while CEOs still get to cash their multi-million dollar paychecks – salaries that could easily be reduced and redistributed to keep more employees on board until a recovery.

In truth, these CEOs need a Heart Adjustment. The bottom line is no longer the family’s well-being, but the profit margin of corporations and the padded bank accounts of their executives.

Though there are many good Americans throughout the land who still espouse good old fashioned morality, there are also many who embrace greed as their primary end in life. Greed is an ungodly cancer that plunges those who harbor it into moral and spiritual bankruptcy.

Strangely, it’s not just the rich and the super rich who are infected with its virus. Millions of Americans want money the easy way, just like the Fed.

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