Telegram Today – August 21, 2022

Seen any moon landings recently? Just sayinβ€¦πŸŒΉ


The spiral going clockwise represents The Fibonacci Sequence, 3,6,9.

As with everything else, the devil comes to steal, lie and kill. The spiral going counterclockwise is the counterfeit.

Subtle difference, but, important.


Editor’s Note: I personally know the statement below to be true. Man must learn each ONE of us holds the keys to our personal kingdom! (As stated by Christ)

Whether they know it or not, each side does their part to achieve the main agenda…The Crown.


The dark side actually is the dark side, the bad guys…while the light are the β€œwhite hats” in a sense…they actually do the right things to get to the β€œcrown”, but they all are under the same Luciferian umbrella.

So, Trump, will do his part and the cabal will go down…and a new world will be ushered in…the Golden Age…the age of Aquarius….but this is not of God, this is a way for Satan to usher in the AntiChrist to get as many souls as he can because we are in the end of times.

Also notice that one can cross paths (good to bad, light to dark) on the Kabbalah tree to ultimately achieve the end goal.

This is why no one understood why Trump promoted the vaccine..he just crossed a path over to the other side.

β€œThis is a battle for the soul of our nation.”

-Joe Biden

This is a literal statement.



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