Did You Know This? – August 21, 2022


A Member of The FDA Vax Panel Today Said…

“We Are Killing More People Than We Are Saving With The Shots”



Joe Biden wants this video removed from the internet.


$2.8 million bribe payment from Pfizer to FDA for their Bioweapon “approval”.

You’re not supposed to know that.

Look the other way.

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BREAKING: UN chief warns humanity is ‘one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation’

Tick tock…


Pfizer CEO: “by 2023 we will reduce the world population by 50%”

Schwab: “You are a purpose driven company”

Who will arrest these two men and set up a citizens court to try them for charges of premeditated mass murder?


Data from New Zealand. Uk. Scotland. Canada. USA. all show the highest cases, hospitalizations and deaths are among the TRIPLE JABBED.

The data also shows RECORD BREAKING reports of AIDS. CANCER. SEPSIS. All caused by the jabs.

The Governments response to obvious evidence of massive war crimes? “

We will no longer be publishing the vaccination status of cases, hospitalizations or deaths.” READ THE SLIDES.

SHARE and just say no to the JAB!

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