Oumph! Reveals First Ever Vegan Burger to Replicate the Taste of Human Meat ~ August 19, 2022


Editor’s Note: This is an extremely interesting (and personally disgusting)flavor choice. Before we get too riled up by this one reportr, how do we know where all that “meat” comes from for the zillions of meat/meat products out there available at your favorite place to eat out? Just sayin…

This is one reason why I tend to eat at home where organic products are used (as much as possible) for our diet. I like to know where my food comes from, allowing me to eat, and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Swedish alt-meat company Oumph! is celebrating Halloween with an unusual new product. Residents of Stockholm will be invited to sample the first vegan burger to replicate the taste of human meat. Click here to see the video promoting the “scariest plant-based meat EVER!”

“This Halloween, we really want to push some boundaries….”

The special-edition burger is made from soy, mushrooms, wheat protein, plant-based fats, and a secret spice blend. It will be available on October 30 for one night only at Nytorget, Södermalm, Stockholm.

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