My Heart is Lifted! – August 19, 2022

Editor’s Note: Yes… my heart is lifted by reading those who recognize the truly “hard work “ it IS to stand firm in your own personal BEing! To not bow down to the $$, to stand firm in your own personal path through life without harming others, yet lending Loving support where possible.

Then let us delve into ourselves deeply enough to notice the perfection of ALL that we are, realizing we are all NOW (No Other Way) BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


“They passed an unthinkable test that many of the toughest sailors, commandos, green berets, astronauts and geniuses could not pass. They are made up of the greatest things that have ever lived, these heroes born among ordinary people who glow in the dark.”

Only Through Waiting
Richard P. Jones
It is only through waiting that rocks bloom;
water can’t help them grow, or too much sun,
by mistaking them for some dark secrets,
hasten the hour of their germination.
Too much attention will just harden them,
and too much water will make them slippery
to touch and impossible to hold.
You must stand still at the periphery
of their vision, pretending not to hear
them singing each to each in the moonlight.
You must be as patient as sand, for it’s
only through waiting that rocks come out right.
– Waiting for Spring, p. 20.

Like abstract art, Only Through Waiting is impressionistic. This poem has its own “dream logic.” In its own way, it makes sense, even though, when read literally, it makes no sense at all.
That’s what good poetry does—transport you to another world. By analogy, poets know that the spiritual world operates with its own psychic physics, commands its own mystical magic, and takes us to new horizons. In order to enter that world, one must be open to that which makes sense to the heart, even if it may defy logic. When we read and internalize poetry, you and I can enter the “Valley of Wonderment”:

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