Helping Freedom Win: Juan O Savin vs. Kim Goguen – August 19, 2022

Juan O Savin

  • Juan gives us hope that our world is not actually doomed; we don’t need to go into a civil war about the election fraud or other infringements to our free-will right now; the military and Trump have got this.
  • Juan can be long-winded, but in his own words he says things multiple times and many ways for a reason. He wants clarity. He has a lot of intel which he shares with us to help us. He wants to help people understand what’s happening in multiple ways, so they can think and act on their own free-will, not from some authority or “savior” who is acting for them.
  • Juan is prayerful and encourages us all to be as well. In his latest video with Nino Rodriguez, he gave a beautiful prayer for all humanity. (See the prayer, below, toward the end of this post.)
  • Juan says it is US (the patriots) who together and with the help of God will be the saviors of our world. Everything he says and does is to help us move in that direction. 
  • He says we all need to be united and not divided to win the battles ahead for us.

Kim Goguen

  • Kim Goguen has a regular habit of attacking our leaders & defenders and trying to divide us as a group of patriots. She recently made claims that Juan O Savin was corrupt. However, as is usual for her, she offered no proof or even any coherent explanation. She only implied greed (for money) was the motive. [Note: The implication is incredulous, because Juan, Trump and the others she makes this claim about are independently wealthy and have no need for money.] 
  • She also makes all kinds of claims about her power and how great she is vs how weak, corrupt and/or stupid pretty much all of the others who are teaching us or leading us right now are. 
  • Her intel is nonsensible. (Nonsensible means not accessible to investigation by the senses; unintelligible.) 
  • Her use of pronouns is appalling. You can’t make heads or tails out of who she’s talking about, as she is usually talking about two or more people and uses “he” or “they” almost exclusively throughout her presentations.
  • If you are watching her to find out what’s going on in our world or how you can help, she will tell you all about God’s covenants with “The Order” (and I think she means god – with a lower-case “g”) and the “Covenant of Nefertiti”, and how she alone is saving the day. I have found nothing in what she says which gives a boost to our clarity of thought, free-will or power to move our planet back into being in accordance with God’s plan. After years of her bragging, our planet is no closer to being “saved” by all her acts of signing new treaties, making new covenants “for us”,  or taking control of the banking or anything else she claims to have done or is doing “for us”.

Kim was supposedly “chosen” because her DNA matched the DNA of Eve (yes, Eve from the Bible). Even if this is true, let’s look at Eve. Did she not get beguiled by Lucifer and cause their banishment from Heaven? I think all signs point to Kim, in succession, having been beguiled, now beguiling others. I caution others to beware of her web of confusion, division, and subservience to only her. Let’s remember, Lucifer was VERY attractive and convincing, so much so that he pulled a lot of angels off of God’s course. Is Kim not trying to do (or doing) this very same thing?

Juan’s Prayer for Humanity

Timestamp 37:24 in Nino’s Video: Father God, we know that you reign from your throne in heaven; your angels run to and fro around the world through the Earth; our guardian angels are here with us every day, every moment. I pray for each and every listener that’s here right now and all those who may even be at some distance, but may have heard things that I’ve been able to share, that Nino’s been able to share and some of the guests on the various shows. We ask at this moment in time that your spirit be present, ministering to the hearts and minds of the American people out across the world. I pray that your truth would reign supreme in this audience out across the nation. Each and every heart, each and every mind listening right here, by the power of God almighty in heaven, by the blood of Christ I speak healing & clarity of mind, purity of heart, into your hearts, that you be good judges of all of the messages that are coming into you through the media right now at this moment in the history of the world, in the history of America, the need for your health , in mind and body and spirit, has never been more instant and urgent. So, I speak “health” to you. Be healthy in the way you speak. Be healthy in the way you hear. Be healthy in your mind, for clarity of thought consciousness and clarity of purity of heart to do the right things, to come to the right ends in the purposes that we have as a nation to bring healing not only in America, amongst our neighbors and our friends, but for also healing out to the world by the word of God, by the way that you speak, the way that you think and the way that you act. We pray against and we come against every demonic spirit of confusion, of chaos, of contention, and we speak and declare that America will be united, it will be unified, in clarity of mind, in clarity of purpose, that we would find the direction that God intended for us all the way back to those pilgrims that before, who came here to serve God and to have the laborers, their work, their life energy, go to healthy, worthwhile purposes as God intended all the way back to Adam and not to be used and diverted for evil, and to move things to enslave the world, but to free the world to serve you Father God, in the name of Jesus, by the blood of Christ. I thank you father for every person here and I thank you for giving them a purity and a clarity in their heart and minds and thoughts that will enable them to do your will in their own minds and their families, in their cities, in their counties, in their states, and across the nation, and out to the world. Thank you father.

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Power Over Dark Forces

We all have always had free will, and therefore power of control over all of the “dark” forces there are and ever were. See my home page: to see how we all can help our world in these troubled and confusing times.

One thought on “Helping Freedom Win: Juan O Savin vs. Kim Goguen – August 19, 2022

  1. Juan hasn’t given any proof this is going on either and also gives disinfo to trick the cabal whom I’m sure already know…come on who is he fooling?
    Kim also tells us to not ask the gooberment to solve our problems to make deals with local farmers to help each other out in our local communities she tells people constantly she doesn’t want to rule and encourages us to put our big boy pants on self govern. She not religious or propping up anyone to be a savior.
    She got her position cuz of her soul DNA…not her physical DNA. She also exposed the dragon families one of which Ben Fulford talks about.
    Where has Juan given any proof? Kim has shown some of the paperwork and orders.
    Until about a year ago….107 didn’t even show his face and keeps us sitting thru Bible stories because the Bible is their script. The book of Ester and revelations…’s repeat of history and their script.
    So yeah…religion the savior program and here we go…Juan has purposely given us disinfo…said nesara and gesara is a scam. Geez people..just cuz he came up with a nice prayer he don’t need to prove anything…he can give us disinfo cuz that’s gonna trick the cabal. Yeah truck the cabal. …lol. Kim isn’t telling us to trust the plan waiting on a savior telling Bible stories. She is asking us to unite and work with each other in our communities to counter this stupid near death experience orchestrated by these dragon families all fighting over control of humanity.
    I guess we shall find out….with all the disinfo and savior program it’s gonna be interesting to pull back the curtain and see the truth without a near death experience and hopefully this movie ends without any more deaths of innocents and the blood of patriots.


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