Telegram Today – August 18, 2022

The Octogon Group : An ultra-secretive globalist network based out of Switzerland, whose lineage traces back to Egyptian Pharaohs. The most wealthy, deadly, and technologically advanced mafia in the world.


If the Ukrainians destroy the cooling systems for Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant it will cause a meltdown and be the equivalent of a second, worse Chernobyl. That’s what they want. It’ll also tarnish the use of (and inhibit the calls for) nuclear energy throughout the West.

Who benefits from this? Green energy companies and backers of the Green New Deal, of course. They’re already vilifying nuclear energy as dangerous and environmentally unfriendly, despite the fact that it’s the safest and most eco-friendly energy source there is.

They promised the green transition would be “painful.” Part of that transition involves the closure, if not outright destruction of farms. We’re already seeing that in Germany and in the Netherlands. Nuclear fallout would just put it in overdrive.

Some people are so convinced that climate change is going to destroy all of the planet that they’re willing to starve much of the world’s population dependent on wheat crops.

You’re the carbon footprint they want to erase.


✈️Joe Biden is flying from his house in Wilmington, DE to his house in Rehobeth Beach on Saturday for a 3rd week of vacation. He is scheduled to be there until next Wednesday.

🌺Kamala Harris remains in Hawaii, where Barack Obama is… coincidentally




Nuclear Drill In Ukraine ‘To Prepare For All Scenarios’


Ukraine must “prepare for all scenarios” linked to a Russian-occupied nuclear plant, the interior minister has said during a drill for emergency workers in the nearby city of Zaporizhzhia.


“Another one” – @djkhaled




Why does Barack Obama’s ring have an arabic description? Who is this guy?-Q+

Obama’s ring: ‘There is no god but Allah’

4th quarter, Patriots.

We fight together.






KATE and Prince William will no longer have live-in staff as part of their Windsor move, according to a royal expert.

German:Laut einem königlichen Experten werden KATE und Prinz William im Rahmen ihres Umzugs nach Windsor kein Personal mehr haben, das im selben Haus wohnt.



1st and 2nd analysis Squads in OHIO

Cherubim and Chess Space Cowboys.


Desantis and Don Jr. Coming to ohio tomorrow and monday.


Ohio of course. 😂


More Ohio


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