It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better… – August 18, 2022

WOAH – I just found out who the FBI AGENT who signed the request for warrant is.







They are deleting the agents social media and all info online -sanatizing profile before they release the name.


you cant even make this shit up.

WHY am I telling you ?

Cause my system confirmed FULL SCRAPE and ARCHIVE.

Now we wait. Can’t wait for many to get sloppy seconds and hit the decoy social media.

His WHATS APP is VERY interesting.

ZUCK ZUCK and the winged horse highway allows for all to see.


Get ready cause this is going to blow peoples’ minds.

PLEASE keep your arms in the vehicle at all times, buckle up and NO VIOLENCE.

If I know – Others do. We wait.


There’s something to it coming out now. There’s been a big crackdown on prescribing and dispensing pain meds even to people who need them. Even to people in hospitals who are in severe pain. Something is up.


FLASHBACK: In 2008, Obama was asked if he could reassure the public that the election would not be rigged or stolen.

His response: “Well, I’ll tell you what, it helps in Ohio that we’ve got Democrats in charge of the machines!”


In the near future, your faith and WHO YOU ARE will be tested.

Question is; are you ready?





3D perspective focuses your energy on chaos & all the broken things in the old house. Another perspective is a heightened awareness that you are in a new quantum reality, in more Light & Higher Intelligent Energies. This is what our Cosmic Soul Fam, Indigo, Rainbow Tribe. Starseeds, Family of Light, Faith-holders Grid-workers, other intuitives & Light-Beings are feeling now — the vibration & frequency that is oscillating from the collective is Earth-beating to a different drum & Heart-Vibe. The soft gratuitous feelings flow into an enjoyable cleaning the apparent mess & getting settled into our new house.

Breathe in this ABUNDANCE Energy — expand & absorb it into your whole being.






Thoughts are electric & feelings are magnetic — the field is the sole governing agency of matter & apply everything on quantum physics basics.

Meditation — to gain cosmic energy & remove negative energy from the body, connecting to Source Energy. This is an act of Self Love

Heart & Mind Coherence — to operate from the heart Space. Wherever attention goes energy flows — breath from your heart to activate the Heart Center. Feel appreciation in the present moment as this is the proper emotional state for manifestation. 💖🙏🏽🧠


It’s very important to keep your lungs & respiratory in good condition. This is a very simple & inexpensive method to do — with GREAT BENEFITS! Many people have reversed their asthma by using this simple technique. I am one of those people. You do not need to have asthma to do this too. You can use this while doing deep breathing. This will help kill & clear harmful toxins in your lungs. Breathing will be easier. This is also a remedy you will ENJOY doing too. ✨🙏🏽✨


Learn to program yourSELF & be the master of your own mind — the MASTERMIND. 🧠🤍

Eye Am a Sovereign Illuminated Being. Eye Am part of the All. I can not be bought or be persuaded by money or sex. I chase nothing. I magnetized all that I need. I do not consent to any evil entities that prey & feed on humans. I do not consent in human rights violation by any governments. I do not believe in false narratives by colluding global institutions. Eye Am part of the physical manifestation to cleanse old energies & anchor a higher Light on New Earth.

I continue to release all dark entities from this realm. Eye Am part of the cabal’s downfall. Eye Am in service to Gaia & all sentient beings. Eye Am here to uplift myself & the collective to experience the highest timeline. Eye am attached to nothing. Eye Am connected to everything. I flow in abundance, joy, beauty, gratitude, laughter, honor, Love and Light. Eye Am a cosmic awakened soul & Eye Am infectious to everyone in my quantum field. 🙏🏽



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