Telegram Today – August 17, 2002

That’s good news.





Liz Chaney receives 1 vote.


Every Lie Will Be Revealed.




Moves and Countermoves. If they don’t release the Affidavit then POTUS will likely release the video. If they release the Affidavit with redactions. POTUS will likely release the video. If they release the affidavit without redactions. POTUS may not release the video until a future time. If the evidence shows anything incriminating that may have been planted. POTUS will release the video. If the evidence shows nothing incriminating. POTUS may not release the video.

Never show your cards unless absolutely necessary ammunition is hard to come by.

Peeps believe Trump may be indicted or first arrest. I’m still not sold on this. While it’s possible still, military has it all and can release anything to counter their narrative to avoid any arrest or indictment scenario. POTUS is just too far insulated.

Meanwhile the 3 letters keep digging their hole while MAGA candidates keep winning. Soon the hole will be too deep to get out of and MAGA will just bulldoze over it while creating a whole new World.

They will have to try something big towards midterms to distract. Probably China/Taiwan as makes most sense.

It will all fail. They can’t dig out of the hole without making a huge mess. That will lead to first arrest in my opinion. Once Stratcom takes over. Continuity of Government.






Thank you, Baker(s)!


[re: MSM] when facts and truth are NOT on your side what tactics must be deployed?

[PS], what ‘visibly’ happens [re: [hidden] rats] during a fire? 🔥





Anyone think it’s a Coincidence that Grassley Tweeted about LONDON BROIL 6 days ago on 8/11 and now the London Bridge is burning? 😎🔥+++


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