Q’s Day August 17, 2022: More Tales from the Padded Room ~ August 17, 2022


It’s Q’sday the 17th and the bizarre news you never thought you’d hear continues to flow.

But first… the Space Force announced that all military satellites are now under the auspices of the Space Force arm of the US Military.

In other Q news, the chatter builds around the poor health of Queenie in the UK. Soon they’ll be announcing her death to the normies and we’ll have to listen to the gawdawful tributes and see the tear-stained faces of the people who are unaware of what the “royal” family has done. How can you feel anything but resentment for a family that lives in the lap of luxury in multiple castles and estates while their subjects live in abject poverty and can barely afford to heat their homes or put food on the table? And they have the gall to pretend they are doing a good job of ministering to the People. It’s called Stockholm Syndrome.

This could go at the tail end as your giggle for the day but because it’s big news, we’ll give it top billing. Of course Liz Cheney lost the election in Wyoming. Harriet Hageman was going to take it; it was obvious.

The really funny part is they’re going with a “Cheney for President” script for 2024—like we’d believe that one. She’s basically a Hillary Clinton with longer hair. If she can’t even win in Wyoming, how does she think she’ll win the presidency? It’s absurd. Pure theatre.

Liz Cheney loses primary to Harriet Hageman. 37 points making this the 4th worse incumbent loss since 1968.

Cheney reportedly now wants to run for president in 2024.


The pièce de résistance… just listen to this beyotch. Link to Telegram.

LIZ CHENEY: “Two years ago. I won this primary with 73% of the vote. I could easily have done the same again. The path was clear, but it would’ve required that I go along with President Trump’s lie about the 2020 election. […] That was a path I could not and would not take.”

We also have strange tales from the Great White Gulag involving Queen Romana.

“Queen Of Canada” Sardine Party/Citizens Arrest… Fishy Highlights Include: No Military, Romana Didulo And Her Security Team Fled, A Few Sardines And Chopped Veggies, Rasputin Mind Control, And A Donation Tray!!

And stranger yet…

Children, and I also heard dogs? have come down with Monkeypox. One must wonder how a disease said to be contained mostly within the gay men community could appear in children and if it’s true—dogs. Wouldn’t it mean—never mind. I don’t want to go there.

At Least 8 Children in the U.S. Have Now Tested Positive for Monkeypox

MJTruth on Telegram did an overview of The Pit in two separate posts you may want to check out. I believe it is our duty to do so. The information discussed wasn’t limited to ‘election fraud’. For instance in Part 2 he writes:

The Pit Overview by MJTruth
Part 2

– The CCP has infiltrated every state
with voting groups & targeted environments that were race dominant.

🚨——— Dr Peter McCullough

– Data analysis shows that at least 40,000 people died of the Covid Vaccines within the first few days after given.
– Most people receive a dud vaccine which is why it doesn’t have the same effects for everyone.
– 15% of vaccinated develop a new disease after.


Fam, the Goal of the Pit was to release everything to us, to set a fire under our asses & get active where we can. The tools provided were developed for us, the research Community to use as actionable intel to provide law enforcement to act upon.

What was provided to us will further shine a light on what happened in 2020, & make as many corrective actions as we possibly can with the goal of decertification before it’s too late & making sure it never happens again.

We MUST fight the next war that the CCP has its eyes on RIGHT NOW, which is the 2022 midterms.

What this means is that we LITERALLY get the results from the work we put into this. 5:5?

POTUS asked us to vote and overwhelm the fraud. SO VOTE! He, although things still have not been “fixed”, has an almost perfect record of candidates WINNING!

Regardless of how anyone cleverly tries to wordsmith it, & directly/indirectly says it, anyone with a voice (a large platform) telling you not to vote in the 2022 election because “we haven’t fixed 2020 yet”, or “fix 2020 or BUST” or is not willing to fight a two-front war (2020 & 2022) together against the CCP is an enemy of America.

Actually, a lot has been done to inform and alert the public, to correct, prevent, and prosecute. It is our civic duty to vote, and Q told us to, “Vote! Vote! Vote”.


May 27, 2020 12:22:55 PM EDT

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6ID: 578e55No. 9331960 








2y, 2m, 2w, 5d, 8h, 36m ago

We get a lot of gruesome news these days as the crimes of the mafia are exposed. We never know where DBs are going to turn up; at the bottom of lakes, or in a suitcase. Here’s one from the crew. Link to Telegram.

The grisly find? No word as to child, adult, nothing.

New Zealand: Human remains found in suitcase bought at auction

Something else that surfaced… Qincidence?

The non-believers are going to feel very sheepish. Many concede that it’s extremely unlikely that we’re the only sentient life forms in the Universe, but they fail to take the logic to the next step and ask why the presence of off-world life has been hidden, suppressed, and ridiculed?

‘Best’ UFO Picture Ever, the Calvine Photo, Found After 30 Years Missing

New legal docs show at least 20 FBI and ATF operatives present on January 6 at the Capitol; all planned to make Trump and his supporters look bad and create a blood bath. The shadow government wanted to remain in the shadows, pulling puppet strings and manipulating the People but Donald Trump ended their little charade and shone a light on the gremlins in Washington and beyond. Link to Telegram.

Confirmed: ‘At Least’ TWENTY FBI Agents & ATF Operatives Were Embedded at Capitol on January 6, Legal Docs Show

Oh, look—I seem to have missed this on CNN. Oh, wait—I don’t watch CNN, but it wouldn’t matter. They’d never reveal this.

The storm is here, and likely to get stormier. How do I know? The storm chasers have arrived in town and are heading to SW Arizona. The forecast says scattered T-storms today, Thursday, Fri, Sat, and Sunday—so we’re hoping. Fingers crossed. We really need the rain. Hubby hopes to get some good photo ops while he hangs with them for awhile.

Thank you for all the well wishes for Eli regarding his escapades after leaping from the truck. Since I had a better look at his lip, I don’t believe it is consistent with scraping it on the road when he jumped. I believe he was clipped by a car. Thankfully, it seems to be surface abrasion only but we don’t know if the fur is going to grow back or if the black colour will return to his pale pink lip. Other than that, he seems perfectly normal. The teenage male hormones are the issue and he’s pretty snippy sometimes. He’s like a Jekyll and Hyde; angel and devil, but I want to hold out for four more months before I make him gender neutral.

Over and out for now.  ~ BP

2 thoughts on “Q’s Day August 17, 2022: More Tales from the Padded Room ~ August 17, 2022

  1. That Cheney woman should be cast in NAKED and AFRAID on Discovery. Lets see what she’s really made of. I suspect she’ll bail within hours. She’s a worthless oxygen thief who doesn’t belong on our planet. Is there a HELL worse than what we are witnessing now? She deserves a place. She learned this behavior from that shit father Dick Cheney

    P.S. Cindy, thanks for note, I’ve been out of town


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