Kat Anonup Update: Quantum Voting System ~ August 17, 2022


katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

In response arba happihr to her Publication

I’m hoping for a Quantum Voting System
AND it already exists!

Gene Decode
Trump was in a SCIF on 2020 Election night
watching all the changes happening 
[with the votes]
cuz Quantum computers are working in the moment
seeing Voter Fraud taking place as it’s happening..
The 217 countries that are under GESARA 
are restored into a system where we have unalienable rights..
It’s not just putting us back on Currency 
that’s based on the QFS
& gold, silver & platinum
it’s also putting us on the Quantum Voting System 
where they can’t hack our votes.
It doesn’t matter how that vote is done 
even if it’s a mail-in ballot
because the Quantum event is unique.
The Quantum computer that records it 
that A.I. won’t get out of control 
because it’s being monitored 
by a group of 12 very high beings @ 5th Density 
& they can’t hack that. 
They’ve tried for 9 years without success.
That controls the entire Quantum System worldwide
the QFS & QVS



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