Homes, streets and stations under water as thunderstorms lash parts of Britain ~ August 17, 2022


Rain hit Millennium Bridge, London

Floods have left homes, businesses and streets under water in parts of the UK, as thunderstorms continue to batter the country.

Thunderstorms continue around the country, and downpours caused flooding inside London’s Victoria Station and outside King’s Cross Station, with videos showing cars and buses driving through huge puddles.

Network Rail said: “Not long after 3pm this afternoon, station colleagues at London Victoria noticed flooding at the main entrance due to heavy rainfall, with large volumes of water running down the slope leading towards the eastern concourse.

The Houses of Parliament gym was flooded

“Some retail units and platforms had to be closed.”

An amber thunderstorm warning covering most of the southeast of England, including parts of London, was in place until 10pm, warning people that they should expect flooding and disruption.

Rain hit Millennium Bridge, London

The warning said: “Fast flowing or deep floodwater is likely, causing danger to life.”

The Met Office said flooding is likely to affect homes and businesses “quickly”, as 30mm to 50mm of rain could fall in just an hour, while a few places may see more than 100mm in a few hours.

Train and bus cancellations, difficult driving conditions and power cuts could happen as a result, forecasters warned.

Lightning, hail and strong winds were also expected to lash areas included in the warning, such as Suffolk, Kent, Surrey and West Sussex.

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