Congress Just Funded $80 Billion For IRS Armed , Police State ~ August 17, 2022


A Police State armed to terrorize US citizens has just been funded by the Biden Regime’s Congress. The just-passed Climate, Health and Tax Bill armed 87,000 new IRS agents with $80 billion for their collection efforts – US taxpayer monies that would go not for use of US citizens, but directly to the Rothchilds/ Rockefeller Bankers, British Crown and Vatican (the Cabal) through their privately owned corporation, US Inc. in Washington DC.

Now with their privately owned IRS funded and armed with the blessing of Congress, this Cabal was coming after you, just like they did in the “Barbie and Ken vs. IRS Goliath” Case. If a former President of the United States could be raided by 30 agents searching for who knows what, how much more threatening was a 57 year old grandmother (Barbie) who was removed from her home by a 75-man SWAT Team?

In reality the recent FBI Raid on President Trump’s home was nothing compared to what Grandparents Barbara and Ken Cromar were suffering at the hands of the privately-owned Cabal IRS Police State. “If you don’t stand up for your freedom, you have none,” Ken Cromar said.

He and wife Barbara faced trial the week of June 27 thru July 1, 2020 in Utah Fourth District Court. They were charged with living in and stealing from their own home. Even though they had been cleared by a Federal Tax Court of owing any money to the IRS, their home had been seized and all possessions thrown in a dumpster.

Charlie Ward and Ken Cromar Interview:

The jury found them guilty – which was no surprise since during their nearly five year battle with the IRS and 15 past court filings, they had been continuously denied Due Process of Law by our corrupt court system. The Cromars were denied hearings and trial before its presiding Chief Judge Robert J. Shelby (case #2:17-cv-01223-RJS). They have been denied the right to file documents in their behalf, denied the right to call witnesses to testify in their behalf and suffered many other injustices including the right to defend themselves in court. Barbie and Ken Denied Right to Subpoena Witnesses for IRS Trial and Assaulted by Deputy While Leaving Court | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

They now faced imprisonment of up to 15 years, which with Ken at 63 and Barbara at 59 years of age could be the rest of their lives. Barbie & Ken vs IRS Goliath Update: | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

Update Ken and Barbie vs. Goliath IRS: The Good, Bad and GREAT News! | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (   “Barbie and Ken vs IRS Goliath” Update | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

To further complicate the case Prosecuting Attorney Leavitt recently admitted that he was under investigation by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office for what Leavitt himself described as the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children. “Utah Police Investigates Child Sacrifice”

IRS Harassment: Seniors Ken and Barbie Face Imprisonment For Living in Their Own Home | Crime All-Stars | Before It’s News (

Now with the help of Congress’ $80 billion to the IRS, this could easily happen to you. Directly after the Climate, Health and Tax Bill cleared the Senate and almost overnight, the IRS hired 950 Thugs, with over 87,000 more new agents funded to go. That alone should concern the average citizen. What was even more scary was that recently the IRS deleted their job posting that sought applicants willing to use “deadly force” according to the National Review.

Back on 25 June 2019 a US Marshal led a 13 member SWAT team that removed the Cromars from their fully paid for home of nearly 30 years. The Cromars had been falsely accused of owing $1,053,028.65 in federal income tax on that home that was only worth a little over $300,000. On 14 Feb. 2019 the Cromars had won a Judgment on the case and since they held full title to their home, they moved back into it.

The Cabal wasn’t about to let that happen. Months later on September 24, 2020 Barbie & Ken were terrorized again, this time by a paramilitary, “multi-jurisdictional” 75-man SWAT team that swooped down on their peaceful middle class neighborhood.

The SWAT included two helicopters, two MRAPs and numerous snipers who arrested an unarmed Barbie & Ken without presentment of lawful Warrant (despite numerous requests). The couple in their 60s were falsely assaulted and imprisoned and in Ken’s case he suffered a second false arrest due to so-called “error” by the County jail after bail was posted.

The couple were not read their Miranda rights either time. It could be assumed that was because they had none. Unknown to many, the privately owned Cabal has control over the US Judicial system.

In the meantime virtually all of Barbie & Ken’s earthly possessions, including Ken’s professional filmmaking and editing equipment, were stolen from their home and “discarded” in some unknown landfill, reportedly in “at least seven large dumpsters.” This act deprived Barbie & Ken of their “papers and effects” in violation of the Fourth Amendment, and their ability to make a living without all of his tools of his trade.

Both President Trump and the Cromars have been denied their Fourth Amendment Rights, which evidently was of no concern to our privately owned Rothchilds/Rockefeller Bankers, British Crown, Vatican and US Inc.’s IRS Police State.

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” – US Constitution, 4th Amendment

The Global Alliance to the rescue. Why has Trump been targeted ever since his announcement to run for President? He was the leader of the Alliance, a group of 209 world leaders who since the Kennedy Assassination, has been planning a takedown of the Cabal. Called the Q Movement, most of those 209 nations’ currencies were already gold-backed.

Last week Trump announced on his Telegram site Donald J. Trump live, “Soon, at any moment, a turn of events will trigger the unbelievable. Our entire government will be invalidated. Biden, Harris, Members of Congress and the Supreme Court will be removed.”

Trump always meant what he said. At the same time the Tax Bill cleared the Senate, Alliance Delta Force Operators intercepted an 18-wheeler packed with pistols and bound for the Internal Revenue Service Building in Washington, D.C., a source in General David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News.

The foreign bankers had made sure of their IRS funding through bribes and blackmailing in order to confront a pending Global Currency Reset (GCR) and return to the Gold Standard for 209 nations including the US. That reset was sneaking around the corner and would close the banker’s Federal Reserve/ IRS scam, cutting off their money supply.

If it happened to President Trump, if it happened to law abiding average citizens like Barbie and Ken, it could easily happen to you. A lot more was on the horizon – like seizing your bank deposit box, which evidently was the next step in the Cabal’s FBI plan:

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