All in the BLINK of an EYE. FLASH…Q ~ August 16, 2022


Eye Warned You. . .
You Already Know. . .
Tick Tock. . .
Take Shelter
The Son is Coming!!!
Slow Drip Slow Drip.
All in the BLINK of an EYE.


3 Times. . .
What Happened Last Year … ?
Happy Halloween!!!
Alice & Wonderland.

Space Force Takes Over All Military Satellite Communications

Peterson Space Force Base, Colo. —
The U.S. Army’s satellite communications mission officially transferred to the U.S. Space Force during a ceremony at Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado, Aug. 15, 2022. 

 This transfer from the Army to the Space Force marks the first time all Department of Defense military satellite communication functions have been consolidated under a single military service.  

 U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Daniel Karbler, commanding general of U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command, and U.S. Space Force Lt. Gen. Stephen Whiting, commander of Space Operations Command, presided over the ceremony.  

 “This is a historic moment for the Department of Defense and military satellite communications as we bring all military SATCOM capabilities under one service for the first time ever,” Karbler said. “My thanks to the U.S. Space Force, and in particular Lieutenant General Stephen Whiting and his team for their tremendous teamwork throughout this transition period. I know our SATCOM professionals will continue to provide world-class service and support while embodying the proud heritage of the Army SATCOM mission.”

 The SATCOM mission will be transferring from USASMDC’s Satellite Operations Brigade, which includes the 53rd Signal Battalion and SATCOM Directorate, to the 53rd Space Operations Squadron and SATCOM Office, which fall under SpOC’s Space Delta 8.

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