32 new drinks added to massive beverage recall – here’s the full list of 85 drinks ~ August 16, 2022


Lyons Magnus issued a massive recall for 53 different drinks a few days ago, warning that they might be contaminated with microbes. At the time, the company named just one bacteria, Cronobacter sakazakii. That same microorganism triggered the massive Abbott baby formula recall earlier this year.

Lyons has now updated its recall to add many additional products. The updated list only has 32 new UPCs, but Lyons added hundreds of new lot codes and best-by dates to the UPCs it listed in the original recall.

On top of that, Lyons also identified another bacteria in the drinks, Clostridium botulinum.

Updated Lyons Magnus Recall

Lyons issued a new press release on Thursday to announce the updated recall. You’ll find it on the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) site — see this link


Lyons Magnus Expands Voluntary Recall to Include Additional Nutritional and Beverage Products Due to the Potential for Microbial Contamination

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