White Hats to Trump: Don’t Negotiate with Deep State – August 15, 2022

Michael Baxter August -5, 2022

Editor’s Note: I urge to read all information with a grain of salt! Balance everything within, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


A senior White Hat commander in Gen. David H. Berger’s office on Monday cautioned President Trump against negotiating or opening cordial communication with the Deep State, White Hat sources told Real Raw News.

The White Hat partition of the U.S. military, our source said, contacted Trump in response to a Fox News Digital and New York Times article claiming that Trump had—through a third party—secretly sent a cryptic message to the criminal Biden Regime’s attorney general, Merrick Garland, the very man who had signed off on the FBI’s unlawful Mar-a-Lago raid. “The country is on fire. What can I do to reduce the heat?” was the message Trump wanted to be conveyed to Garland, according to the article.

At the time of this writing, President Trump has not publicly confirmed authenticity of the alleged message, but his silence hasn’t stopped pundits on both sides of the political spectrum from assigning meaning to it. The liberal democrat establishment seemed torn over whether Trump’s purported words were a veiled threat or a confession of guilt; whereas republican lawmakers couldn’t decide whether the message was authentic or a refutation of the militarization of the Department of Justice.

White Hats, our source said, were not willing to wait for Trump’s side of the story, and on Monday asked him directly whether he had offered an olive branch to Garland and the illegitimate administration’s DOJ.

Camp Pendleton’s Commanding General, Brigadier General Jason G. Woodworth, spoke to Trump on behalf of Gen. Berger, our source said. Gen. Woodworth asked Trump if he had used an intermediary to get a message to Garland, and, if so, wanted to know whether it was meant to placate or pacify Garland, or if it carried an ulterior motive.

“Mr. President, if indeed you did send a message, Gen. Berger feels it is best if you avoid communication with the enemy,” Gen. Woodworth reportedly told Trump.

Trump, our source said, would neither confirm nor deny whether he had himself or through an arbiter contacted the justice department, saying instead that he was not obliged to explain his actions or inactions to Gen. Berger, and that his responsibility was to safeguard the Constitution “by any means necessary.”

Trump seemed to put Gen. Woodworth in his place: “You have your job; I have mine. I very strongly suggest we stick to our roles and not cross boundaries.”

“It’s part of my job, Mr. President, to say the Deep State will twist your words to use against you, and to advise you to refrain from communicating with them. Right now, your supporters are galvanizing behind you. Any talks with the administration, well, might compromise that,” Gen. Woodworth replied.

As RRN has reported previously, not all White Hat leaders endorse Trump’s official return to power. Some feel Trump has made too many mistakes, mistakes that could strengthen the Deep State’s hold on the nation. General Berger, though, has steadfastly stood behind his president.

Update: After RRN wrote this piece, Fox News published an article saying that Trump had confirmed rumors he had been in contact with the DOJ. According to FOX’s latest piece, Trump told Garland “If there is anything we can do to help, I, and my people, would certainly be willing to do that.”

14 thoughts on “White Hats to Trump: Don’t Negotiate with Deep State – August 15, 2022

    1. Humans make mistakes and will learn from them, clones do not!!! Prime example why this site and Restored Republic and dozens of other fake insiders are nothing but garbage. Whats it feel like to be a sucker, being licked up and down over and over? Thats what you are, to ever believe one word that comes from this disgusting, lying pile of crap propaganda spreader. As an actor Trump would never win any award, hes too much of a liar and complete narcissist that believes its all about his ass. Hes an attention whore, a show boater, ego maniac. One thing thats been proven about Don the Con man is, hes a pathological liar. This is his low grade fantasy show, of course he will screw it up, thats what he does. Only his ignorant and blind sheep would follow him off a cliff because you believe everything he says and what this rag site wants you to believe. ” EBS is coming “…..”Trump has tried to use EBS but has failed”……….”Trump has taken down the Deep State, White Hats Intel”,……….”Trump getting arrested by Deep State!?”…….”Trump has stopped Chemtrails, replaces it with healing frequencies. Also embeded in his border wall”,……….Stated right here, now were told we are still breathing poison. Drinking….eating……Breathing poison. Credible Intel sources have shown, Trump is NO savior, only a deceiver. The only thing this rag and its partner rag Restored cares about is Tier 4b being paid. Almost 3 years is all they have lied about is any day…any day….Tier 4b should be paid, every damn article begins with them ready to be paid….Tier 4….Tier 4….Tier 4…GREEDY LOW LIFES. They dont care about the people or havent you figured that out? Millions of people are struggling, suffering, have no money, lost their homes now homeless…..thrown into a world they have no clue about, where to go, who will help them, lost all their belongings, FAMILIES, ELDERLY, DISABLED, YOUNG, all scared and nobody cares, there is NO help. Selfish asses only care about themselves, not you or the people. Decades military, White Hats, Earth Alliance etc have been working to take DS down while Trump is being sued by citizens he has robbed, vendors, companies he never paid, partners he threw under the bus. Loyal to his jewish bankers (Rothschilds) who keep bailing him out bankrupcies. Paying off lawsuits of women he has sexually assaulted so he dont go to prison, including a 14 yr old girl. Court documents prove it. Bless him and his family….seriously? They should all be in jail, a den of thieves. This site doesnt tell you about the 23 million supporters who turned their back on him and will never vote for him, he knows this and isnt about to run for president cause he wont win.


      1. Humanity needs to unite not divide and argue as always!!! We were living THE ILLUMINATI MATRIX SLAVERY SATANIC SYSTEM It Was All FRAUD EVERYTHING!!! SCHOOLS, COLLEGE,UNIVERSITY FRAUD CURRICULUM!!! Their is a cure for EVERYTHING That has been withheld From Humanity far too long!!! Everything For Humanity To Become Sustainable And Thrive Comes From NATURE ONLY!!! GOVERNMENT By Definition Is MIND CONTROL Has Robbed Far Too Much Land For Their FRAUDULENT BUILDINGS/SLAVERY/SYSTEM When Humanity Stops Arguing And Dividing They Have NO POWER NO AUTHORITY!!! We Have Been Robbed Of Our Survival Habitat And Life ALL Lifespans Were Shortened Very Very Long Time Ago!!! Schools systems are since established FRAUD And Far More SINISTER!!! EVERYTHING must Be Fixed NOT SOME ALL And mass majority are either unaware or corrupt IN AMERICA 🇺🇸 I Am in New Jersey MAJOR CORRUPTION!!! When We The People Can All Unite In Love And Strength All Differences/Beliefs ASIDE/LET GO!!! WE NEED TO FIX EVERYTHING!!! TIME TO REBUILD/DISMANTLE/CLEAN UP!!!??? NATURE MUST BE RESTORED FOR HUMANITY AND EARTH TO BECOME SUSTAINABLE!!!


  1. ALL PUBLIC UTILITIES ARE CRIMINAL FRAUD ALL TECHNOLOGY HAS BEEN WITHHELD AND HIDDEN/STOLEN EARTH Has Been The Same Revolving Door Of SLAVERY And Death INTENTIONALLY DESIGNED CONTROLLED For Eons Same Reset Every Single Hundred Years To Keep Everyone Slaves And Uneducated ALL TRUTH Hidden And Under Satanic Control!!! Money Is A Slavery Control TACTIC ONLY!!!


      1. I Am having a hard time to relax and meditate… letting go of being alert and my body feeling injured has me feeling unsettled This could be because I Am not meditating and connecting it’s a guess I wish their was a safe place in the area I Am in where I could get blood work taken to check my body…


      2. I know all are connected I like many people a while ago made the decision it was best for me to stay away from all I previously knew they were angry and would accept nothing but corruption and lies so I do not spend time with anyone for a long time I think for humans this becomes not good after a while I think it becomes unhealthy…


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