The Divine Feminine Fully Returned and the Heart of Love ~ August 15, 2022


I have worked intensely with the White Flame since 2009 and more intensely since July 2021, when I was told that this White Resurrection and Divine Feminine Flame, has been returned.

It is the Flame of Purity, of Truth, Integrity, Unconditional Love, Christ Consciousness, and is often called the Ascension Flame. More than this, it holds the Sacred Tones, the Sacred Geometries, Sacred Numbers, Sacred Mathematics and Sacred Physics, as well as the Sacred Wisdom, and Sacred Knowledge as held in the Eternal Tree of Life and Flower of Life. It is the Flame of Creation itself, and thus, within its core holds the Power of Divine Love.

For the Divine Feminine birthed all, and thus is in fact the Love which held all of Creation inside of her, her own womb, before this was birthed into form and being, those visible and invisible. The Divine Masculine sowed the seed, and she received it within her and then birthed it all, AS ONE with him.

At the core of all creation, is the Power of Love.

This is why the soul will always be brought back to the highest truth within, and always to heart of Love. Pure, unconditional Love, for the Divine, for self and then others.

The Divine Feminine, is making her presence felt deeply, and indeed she speaks directly into your heart and soul, and the truth of who and what you in truth are: – as the Divine Father and Divine Mother, created you to be, to express, so that the Divine Source could experience their own creation through you. Your own soul. Thus, all of creation reflects the Divine back to the Divine. Divinity lives within you, and thus the Power of Divine Love, is within you.

Thus the great shift into the 5th to 7th dimensional state and the New Earth, goes through the heart center as connected to the SOUL. Thus, we are being brought back to the Core of Love, in every form and way now.

If you cannot love ourselves into the deepest shadows and the highest light, how can we love another to the same degree? It is not that here our greatest challenges are, as we often feel we are not worthy of love and being loved? We indeed so often see our shadows and shrink away from what we perceive as imperfections, amplified by the seeming imperfections, others mirror back to us.

Yet, here lies the core heart of higher healing. The true healing of the deepest wounds of humanity.

There is not one soul on earth, who is not worthy of love and being loved, and that includes you.

“No matter what you have done or not done, you are worthy of love.” (Dr. John Demartini)

No matter what I have done or nor done; I am worthy of love.

For the Divine created me, as much has He/She created you. You are another me, and I am another you. We are indeed ONE. For we all stem from the same Creator, within the same Creation.

When I do my Twin Flame Soul Readings, and Soul Readings, I so often am being reminded of this. It is as deep down, we all seek the ONE AND ONLY, the one who will fulfill us, make us whole, and love us into wholeness – and add to this happiness, and eternal bliss, as the fairy tales all end, in “….and they lived happily ever after.” Yet in the old 3D world, this often was where all the problems began emerging and suddenly what one indeed loved about one another, started irritating, thus wishing to change or fix the beloved, and thus more seeds of separation, etc. were sown, instead of seeds of Love and Oneness and Unity. Thus now, one started looking around again, and started looking for the next ONE and ONLY. Yet when that one appeared, the same old patterns, the same old things happened.


Because the inner woundedness was not addressed. One sought the wholeness and the love OUTSIDE of oneself, instead of INSIDE oneself.

This is where the Divine Mother now comes with her eternal Unconditional Love and is bringing huge healings into the Masculine and Feminine at this time. She is highlighting all we did not love about ourselves and others. She is sowing seeds of love, purity, unity, and these seeds sprout within the Soul.

Thus when the shadows appear, when someone is pushing your buttons, when you start reacting negatively to whatever comes, and wish to cut out, to hit back, to defend yourself, stop right there and go deeply inside. What is this person reflecting back to you, that you have not loved and owned within yourself? Why are your buttons being pushed – and often memory banks will get triggered, and most often childhood memories, when were ridiculed, called names, labelled, teased, or felt rejection and then took all of what happened as the truth, of you not being worthy enough, not good enough, not smart enough and whatever those memory banks trigger.

Yet go deeper into the shadow (and sometimes we carry this from lifetime into the next lifetime and int into the next), and then instead of trying to defend yourself, or deny that shadow, go and sit with it, and start looking at where you did the self-same, or displayed the same. It may not have been physical, but mentally, or emotionally. How often have Husbands and wives felt like killing each other? In moments of anger, hate and bitterness, or plain nastiness, we that shadow comes out bigtime. So instead of resenting that shadow, go sit with it, and ask yourself: “How by my doing this, or displaying this trait, did this serve the other soul?” And also: “How by him or her doing this, saying this, whatever, did this serve my soul, and what soul lessons did I master?”

It could well be that you finally had the guts to stand up for yourself, and finally put healthy boundaries down, or finally walked out and reclaimed your own soul and the freedom to be simply yourself and then found that deep and abiding love for yourself? Of it may well be that you finally see the truth and see and feel only love. Instead of blame, shame and guilt, there is now only pure, unconditional love for yourself, and the other soul or souls involved.

The Divine Feminine, is opening the heart center now to the core, so that we all will face the truth – within ourselves as much as the truth will come out, in all forms and expressions of the lies which holds us prisoner, and the fears and whatever else was spun in and around us, for many lifetimes on earth. This, however, is the crucial one, where we finally can be healed, and set free, through the Power of Love.

The Divine Feminine, is pouring in the White Flame, and it is purifying us all to the Tee. It is showing up the shadow, the dirt, the muck, and all we ever denied, or which separated us from each other and ourselves. She is pouring in her unconditional love, and she is doing which with great love, amplified by Feminine Archangels, Lady Ascended Masters, and the Ascended Masters who are working around the clock to assist us, and with this higher-ranking 9th to 12th dimensional masters are stepping to the fore, and these are all Feminine.

We are in whirlpool if intense ascension energies, and thus all which needs to be forgiven will come to the fore, all which still separates us from ourselves and others.

There is a huge Divine Gift hidden herein: As we finally embrace ourselves and love ourselves into wholeness, we will finally be able to draw into our lives, in the New Earth, those souls who WHOLE in themselves too and thus the New Loving Relationship, will be totally different, for at last we do not need someone else to fulfill us, to make us happy, but we will be fulfilled and happy within ourselves. So whether they are in our lives, or not, will make no difference. When we are with the Divine Other, and the dearly Beloved, there will be no ownership, and no marriage certificates, but rather a deep companionship, a shared vision, and more than this, such a deep trust and respect, that each one will give the other the freedom to be simply themselves, and love them as they are, as much as one loves oneself, as one is, and thus each one stands fully in their own Soul Power, and in their own Light, and they walk hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, outwards in the same direction, in unity and harmony, and AS ONE, without needing to lose themselves in the other.

The Divine Feminine is indeed with the White Flame of Resurrection, resurrecting us into a New and HIGHER form of Love, as we return to innocence, and the immense beauty which we once knew, in the first paradise, before the Fall from Grace. This time round Adam will finally have found himself, and loved himself, and will not expect Eve or Lilith to make him happy, nor accuse them of his own fall; And Lilith and Eve will finally love herself into wholeness and will thus stand fully in her own power and not allow herself to be shrunk, nor falsely accused, nor manipulated, and fully claim her own Power: the Power of Love. And more than this, her beautiful intuitive knowing, which opens of the Power of Wisdom, which the Holy Sophia holds. When he stands in his own beautiful male power, which is open-hearted and filled with unconditional love, and she stands in the fullness of her own feminine power, and filled with unconditional love, they finally return the ultimate Source of all Truth: The All Seeing, All Hearing, All Knowing Divinity and the Divine Power of Love Eternal.

The Divine Feminine is returning us to the heart of love, the truth of love, and more than this, the eternal wide-open arms of Love, for Love is eternally present, within us. Inside. Deep within your own soul!

**By Judith Kusel


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