More Telegram Tonight – August 15, 2022

German Mainstream

Princess Diana

“Murder Was the case

Track Leads to Camilla”


Misspelled Dollaes instead of Dollars





“It’s Time To Fasten Our Seat Belts”


German Mainstream

Newspaper “BILD”

Super Star Top Model #Heidi #Klum:

“I suck the Young #blood of my Husband Tom.”

#Adrenochrome Topic incoming,…


It’s simple, and I think FISA is close.



Has our republic reached the point of moral decay that we are willing to take no action when a coup of our Presidency and our Constitution has clearly been attempted???

Will we just accept it and move on???

Are we that indifferent to FREEDOM and TRUTH???

Will we continue to concede our right to govern our republic to the ruling elite???

In our current politics, the Democrats and the RINOS are in power with the exception of our President, Donald J. Trump.

The Democrats and RINOS are members of the club of the ruling elite. They are communists.

It is a big club.

President Trump is not in the club.

Neither are We The People.

The FAKE Patriots who want to delay, distract, and move on are also members of the club. They want to seize the Presidency away from President Trump and regain it for the club.

The power in our republic belongs to the people. We are a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

What can We The People do???

Recognize that God is in control and already knows the outcome of our crisis.

We must turn back to God’s face, repent, and cease our evil ways. We must act in accordance with God’s law found in the Holy Bible.

We must support President Trump.

We must support the brave members of the United States Military.

We must support those who are trying to do God’s will for our nation. I believe God’s will is for our nation to be a nation under God which remains free and becomes an INFLUENCE for freedom to the world. Freedom allows the people the freedom to worship Jesus Christ without the fear of government persecution.

We are waiting on others to do our job for us. That is what got us into this mess in the first place. Those who can lead us to victory are waiting on us.

We must speak out and demand that justice and TRUTH prevail over tyranny and lies.

If we choose to just move on, we will bust.

FIX 2020 OR BUST!!!


Let your overwhelming support for President Trump be heard by ALL, particularly the wannabe members of the club who want to oust him and take his place.

Let your confidence in our military be heard by ALL. Our military has never let this nation down. I do not believe that they will do so now.

Many have asked me what We The People can do?

I have just given you my best answer.

God created this nation. Only God can save it. He works through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit indwells His children.

The choice is ours to make. Freedom or tyranny? Truth or lies? God or the devil? Take a stand and choose wisely.

Time for rest.

God bless each of you.

And God bless America.

Good night.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


NEW: Flash Floods Kill 29 In Afghanistan: Officials


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We’ll always be INTERESTED in the pursuit of knowledge.


#AFResearchLab #MondayMotivation #FamousQuotes

History is being made.

You are the saviors of mankind.

Nothing will stop what is coming.






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  1. They Staged A OJ Simpson Car Stunt In Front Of My Court Police Chase Staged Behind And OJ SIMPSON Went Over The Speed Bump The Whole Car Immediately Burst 💥 Into 🔥 Flames!!!😁😁😁


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