August 15, 2022: Colliding Realities [videos] ~ August 15, 2022


The current situation on our planet is difficult for many to grasp. We try to explain what is unfolding and why, but it’s complicated. In essence, there are at least two worlds bumping into each other and unless you are an experienced navigator, you might find it a very rough ride.

The complex nature of the dismantling of the systems the dark ones have used to control everyone and everything makes for a confusing scenario because the good guys have it under control, but they are allowing the desperados to play out their roles in the evil world so that Humanity can see what they have been doing for so long, and how blind we were to miss it.

We have the cabal’s mainstream media spinning their version of what is happening and why for the “normies” who are deceived by the devil’s brainwashing, and those of us who know the real story have our inside information and visible efforts of the White Hats who are exposing the corruption and evil.

Some, unfortunately seem to be in fear that President Trump [who is legally still the President of the Republic] is really working for the other side or is failing to live up to his promises to return the power to the People.

How can they come to absurd conclusions like that? They listen to liars who have infiltrated the truth community, the alternative news. The factions fighting for control of our planet will stop at nothing to deceive and they are consummate liars. It’s too bad some people don’t have suitable discernment and are taken in by those who cast a negative light on the work of President Trump and his team. What part of Q’s warning to “be careful who you follow” do people not understand?

Trump sacrificed everything to do this work, as did his family. We are assured that he is “100% insulated” and protected. He will not fail. The mission will not fail. The success of the Earth Alliance is assured, and anyone who doubts this had better not leave negative information here. This is a pro-Trump, pro-Q, pro-Human sanctuary. If you act like a troll, you’ll be treated like a troll. We have no way of knowing who you are or your agenda.

This liberation of our planet and the vanquishing of the dark forces is not really a political story. It is far bigger than any of us can imagine, involving not only our planet but the entire galaxy and beyond. We have offworld help and the outcome is not hinging solely on President Trump and his team.

If you watch the first few minutes of the Q&A James Gilliland did on Saturday August 13 [below] you will see the space craft monitoring the three military helicopters. We are not alone, and we are not fighting this battle alone. It is not just a political coup or battle to overthrow a President; this is far more—it just presents as a political/geopolitical war.

This is a battle between good and evil, and the [d]evil will do anything to win. Don’t fall for the lies and misrepresentations from silver-tongued devils in the alternative news. Apart from that great footage he shows us, James does a great Q&A on this episode. He’s an old master and knows the score. There was some interference and a break in the video at one point but he resumes control of the console and returns after a few minutes.

As You Wish Talk Radio TV

As the dark lords’ world is collapsing, ours is blossoming into a revised reality with new systems and fail-safes so the degradation and manipulation of society cannot ever happen again; so Humans will never be prey again.

One of our best sources of a reality check came from the Q Military Intelligence team beginning in late 2017. The August 15 “delta” posts from 2018 feature a great deal of information about child trafficking—which is done for many reasons by the monsters who have been running the world. They’re not Human, and they prey on Humans.

One key image from Q was an empty swimming pool. With nooses dangling from the side.

Agent A1 from Canada enlightens us today with a 4 year delta and some inside information. Link to Telegram and then scroll down for additional posts in the thread.


And this…


There was a time when the children were frequently not believed. Now we believe them when they tell us what they heard, what they saw, and what was done to them.

The aberrations of Humanity are sprinkled liberally throughout our society and almost no one suspects. The world is in for a colossal shock when they learn the truth about pedophilia, pedovoria, the Human trafficking trade, organ trafficking, and a tertiary industry beginning with “A” for “adrenochrome”. We understand there is something similar but even more valuable and potent than adrenochrome.

Who knew children are used as a currency? How many of the traders will face the music and accept their consequences? What penalty could ever enable someone to atone for sins involving innocent children?

How can you hope to rehabilitate someone who hunts Humans for sport; cuts off teenage boys’ male members as a trophy, and eats Human flesh? We have testimony from multiple people that the “royals” in Europe have done just that. They think they’re special, but they’re a special kind of evil.

I have to warn you that this testimony below is difficult to listen to. It’s so disturbing that anyone could do this and this confession is literally shocking. I do hope they are correct in saying it’s rare. It’s one excruciating minute on Telegram.

Pedophile explains in details what he did to his stepson for 2 years and raping about 300 children, grooming, raping, and kidnapping. Someone get me a hammer ⚒️

This criminal didn’t have the courage to take his lumps for what he’d done or to face the world once they knew.

Pedophile Dies After Chugging Mystery Liquid As He’s Found Guilty of Child Sexual Abuse

It appears it was one of those “suicide weekends” Q spoke about. These people are sick.

NYC Doctor Who Sexually Abused Patients Hangs Himself in Rikers Island Jail

In the present, we have BIG things happening in the patriot movement. This We Love Trump article brings us up to speed on the Turning Point rally from Sunday here in Phoenix. I must say I learned something new. BDE, eh? Good to know.

Kari Lake: Trump and DeSantis Both Have BDE!

For those of you concerned about the recent article about Kari Lake being an Obama supporter, I hear that she was deceived by the bad actor and is now determined to put things right. I don’t want to use the word “revenge”; it’s possibly too strong, but you get the idea. She certainly seems all in, to me—and we had better pray Kari Lake is on our side because she is the bomb. She would be devastating if she was an opponent for the patriots. As for the demonrats—too bad. Deal with it.

We have some good news today regarding the illegal raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

Jim Jordan says on Fox now up to 14 FBI agents have come forward as whistleblowers over Justice Department conduct

Trump, of course, isn’t the only one harassed and threatened by the deep state’s thugs.

2000 Mules and TrueTheVote Affiliate Gregg Phillips Harassed at Scottsdale Private Party over Concealed Carry

We never know what the news will bring from day to day, and it’s getting very interesting. We understand as the desperation of the cabal grows, we can expect more “false flags” or domestic terrorism events. The UK is not immune, and nothing is what it seems.

15 million Britons issued urgent water contamination alert as ‘Thames Water HACKED’

London Bridge evacuation: London Underground station shuts due to fire alert

Now they’re setting the stage for the exit of Queen Lizzie—who has been gone for some time, we understand.

The Queen: Summer Balmoral trip cut short, sparking fresh concern for the monarch’s health | — Australia’s leading news site

This kind of flooding below is of course blamed on “climate change”. We have seen some serious flooding in “the swamp”, and when it drains… nasty creatures come out. We understand the Earth Alliance sometimes floods the enemy’s tunnels so they can never be used again.

Experts warn California of a $1TRILLION disaster ‘larger than any in world history’: Biblical flooding caused by climate change could displace millions and submerge parts of LA and Sacramento

The truth about climate change may be found in this 5-minute video as there seems to be a direct correlation between the location of the CERN-type particle colliders and the record-breaking heat waves. We know there is no “climate change” to worry about and that it’s part of the deep state agenda. They have been manipulating the weather for decades and have weaponized it.

The Correlation Between CERN and Climate Change. Record Breaking Heatwaves Explained!

We are also watching earthquakes as they are frequently signs that the White Hats are breaching deep state strongholds in tunnels beneath the Earth where the devil’s disciples traffick people, do unethical/illegal medical experiments, torture victims, and hide contraband. Link to Telegram.

4.8 quake 115 km [11.5] southwest of Zhangye, China at a depth of 10km—Rods of God
Zhangye was also an important outpost on the Silk Road

And we are closely monitoring the stolen election in America. Those involved in the efforts to overthrow a sitting President and the People’s government are doing everything they can to prevent their crimes from being revealed and there’s no telling how far they will go to do so. It’s a dangerous time. Link to Telegram.

A federal judge orders that Lindsey Graham MUST testify before the Georgia criminal grand jury investigating Trump’s 2020 election interference.

Rudy Giuliani has been informed that he is considered a “target” of the Georgia criminal investigation probing the effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

If you or someone you know is still taking Covid tests/PCR tests, you should be aware of the following.

They’ve poisoned our air, our water, our food. They poison everything, but we keep hanging around like a bad smell. Not only can they not get rid of us—we are rising up to take them out.

Poisonous chemical. Sodium Azide, found in COVID home testing kits

— Girliwhirl (@girliwhirl) August 15, 2022

There’s more bad news. I did say that these psychopaths knew what they were doing when they rolled out the “vaccines”. We have also been told by some doctors that the full extent of the carnage from the jabs won’t manifest for 2 – 5 years. Hopefully we will have an antidote soon.

This man claims to have participated in a 2013 trial of over 200K people testing mRNA-based medications. He states that 100% of the participants had their hearts stopped, and only 5 are alive to this day.

He states it took two years for all of the symptoms to surface. (Myocarditis, etc)

This man claims to have participated in a 2013 trial of mRNA-based medications with 200k participants. He states that 100% of the participants hearts stopped at least once & only 5 are alive to this day.
Also states it took 2 yrs for all of the damage to surface, myocarditis etc

— Michal (@Michal4Nrmbrg2) August 15, 2022

I am going to leave you with a fabulous discussion with Alex Collier who is a long-time experiencer and ambassador for our star families. He has more knowledge than most about the other Beings in the equation that we have yet to meet and I could have listened for far longer than this 1 hr. 14 min. It’s the first time I’ve seen this content creator, Mel but he has a great rapport with Alex.

Alex Collier – Andromedan Contactee: Where is the nuclear football?

Dog Tales

Here’s an update on Eli. You’re not going to believe this one.

My little man jumped out of the back of our SUV while we were moving this morning. I was following my husband in his van to a repair garage. The rear window was part way but not all the way down and I have always adjusted the windows so Eli doesn’t fall out. He recently outgrew the crate we used in the back to keep him safe and he has had maybe five trips where he wanders around inside the cab and he has been really well-behaved.

Today, just as we passed the dog park, our guardian angels were definitely with us because as I watched in shock, horror, and disbelief, Eli leapt from the truck in my rear view mirror. I hit the horn repeatedly to let my husband ahead of me know something was going on and to warn other drivers.

Eli somehow miraculously crossed the road in rush hour traffic while I pulled over, put on the flashers, jumped out to chase him with my heart in my throat, and realized I would need a leash to retrieve him so ran back to the glove box to get a spare.

I didn’t know where Eli had gone so I was running down the side of the road trying to locate him. I finally saw him down in a wash, and realized I had my Crocs on because I wasn’t planning on getting out of the truck.

I followed Eli through the sand and gravel, calling his name again and again as he ran down the wash in the direction we had just come from. He finally heard me and stopped while I caught up to him. Eli sat under a big tree in the shade and looked at me like, “What? What are you doing here?”

As I lead Eli down the sidewalk towards our truck we came upon a piece of palm husk which he loves to shred. I gave it to him as a lure so he would follow me as he had already resisted my tugging on the leash and I didn’t want a battle of the wills at that point.

As we got a little closer to our vehicles a man in a white pickup slowed to speak to my husband at the side of the road and I understand he explained to hubby what happened and where I was as my other half missed it all and didn’t know why I had abandoned the truck. How could he know? The fellow had been behind me and saw Eli jump out and he turned around and returned to the scene of the crime in case we needed help. What a kind soul.

To my amazement, Eli seemed unhurt and I can’t understand how he didn’t damage his legs or shoulders in a leap like that at 45 mph. When we got home, however, and he laid down on the floor I saw a very red lip near the corner. The black skin was abraded and above that in his whiskers there was a scratch. Teeth appear okay.

Eli’s fat lip, Aug. 15, 2022

Unfortunately, since he was engaged in vigourous play with a Golden named Sam at the dog park an hour before, I don’t know for sure how it happened but I applied some silver wound spray and it is a little swollen. We think he probably hit his face on the road when he leaped out of the truck. He’s not terribly coordinated and I’ve seen his front legs give out before.

That is in addition to the chunk out of the side of his cheek just a few inches away after an attack by a neighbourhood dog recently. My poor baby is a magnet for wounds despite doing my best to protect him. I can’t fathom why he would jump out of the truck but he is still an intact male and if his extreme humping behaviour is an indicator, I wonder if instinct didn’t take over and prompt him to go looking for a female.

I do question why I continue to witness unexplained and dangerous canine behaviour. It’s like wires are crossed in their brains and they are highly unpredictable and illogical on the surface.

I will be watching Eli closely in case there is damage that wasn’t apparent at first, like sore muscles or tenderness. We see our holistic vet in five weeks so I will have her check his joints and give him an adjustment if necessary. Hopefully he is alright but it would be a bloody miracle, in my opinion, if all he sustained was a bloody lip.

I thanked our angels and guardians over and over. We must have called in some favours to pull that one off because I’ve been having visions of Eli getting hit by a car. Don’t ask me why. I guess it would be my worst nightmare.

I’ve rambled long enough and will keep you posted. Eli is behaving perfectly normally, eating normally, and navigating the stairs normally. Now that my stomach is calmed down and feeling better I’m going to have a bite.

Ciao for now.  ~ BP

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