New Clif High: We’ve Been Invaded by Space Aliens! This Colony, Earth ~ August 14, 2022


This Colony, Earth.

We’ve been invaded by Space Aliens

Six thousand years ago, more or less, Earth was invaded by Space Aliens.

They came down all around the planet, in the lands just north of the Tropic of Cancer. The Space Alien invasion arrived in a small, but heavily armed, force, with the clear intent to conquer and colonize Earth.


They landed in Yucatan Peninsula. They landed in Macedonia, Sumer, India, China, and Japan, and elsewhere.

From these bases, their superior technology which included over 40 different types of flying war machines, they easily conquered the hunter-gatherer tribes inhabiting the area.

In each area thus conquered, the local tribes provided the name for the Space Aliens in their own language. Thus we know the Colonists as the Elohim, the Devas, the Theoae, the Anunaki, the Schin, and in all cases, in all languages those names became synonymous with ‘gods’.

Once the local tribes were conquered, the Space Aliens conscripted their local human population to go forth, and conquer other, more distant tribes of humans. They did so, with the occasional assistance of the Space Alien ‘lords’.

As the combat local to the landing sites faded away, the Space Alien overlords set about building vast complexes on the conquered territory. These were called GANS in their language, which our religious texts today, translate as ‘gardens’. These GANS were the Space Alien’s genetic material production laboratories. These GANS had ‘energy shields’ which prevented non-authorized access by the local populations of humans. It is thought now that the GANS enclosed several hundreds of square kilometers of area, rising several thousands of feet. These energy shields also provided both air, and light filtration.

The Space Alien overlords needed both. The light had to be moderated due to their biological needs for reduced levels of cosmic radiation of all forms. The air needed to be sterilized as it flowed into the GANS because the Space Aliens were vulnerable to earth bacteria to an extreme level.

As the GANS were stabilized, the Space Alien scientists and production crews came down to Colony Earth, and set to work. Their goal was to create a smart-enough, but not too smart, slave species.

The work in the GANS continued for approximately 2000 years.

It was difficult work, building an effective slave species from the local genetic base merged with part of the genetic material of the Space Alien Colonists. There were many wrong choices made, and species were created, then destroyed when they did not meet specifications. Some, including the Giants, escaped the GANS to roam about the land, but as these beings were engineered, and not native to this environment, they failed to thrive, all eventually succumbing to adverse conditions.

About 4000 years ago, a certain level of success in the engineering of the Colonists was achieved with the creation of the first of the ‘white people’. Variously, the Space Aliens had already, from the native brown humans, created Black, Yellow, Red, and then finally White people.

It was difficult work, and it would seem that the Space Alien Colonists stopped their genetic engineering with the creation of the white people. It is not known if this was due to their goal being achieved, or if external, adverse circumstances altered the direction of the Space Alien overlords’ efforts.

Shortly after their successful engineering of their slave species, the Space Alien Colonists left earth.

We don’t know, for sure, why they left.

There are hints, in our ancient literature, that rising cosmic radiation levels created conditions on Earth that greatly increased the risk to the Space Alien Colonists in the form of bacterial infection. The Space Alien overloads were very long lived, especially when protected by the filtration of the energy shields around the GANS. It is thought that they lived many thousands of years, perhaps, in a protected environment, into the 10’s of thousands of years. Though the Colonists were protected, and long lived, they were acutely afraid of death.

Out in the wild, that is, in the unprotected areas of Colony Earth, the Space Alien Colonists had need of extraordinary precautions to avoid bacterial infections of which, even minor ones were rapidly fatal.

About 4000 years ago, conditions changed here on Earth for the Colonists, and they left. The leaving was a mass exodus that was completed in a remarkably short period of time.

It is speculated that there was some level of failure of the GANS energy shields that prompted the Space Alien Colonists to flee.

The failure, and removal of the GANS structures allowed the engineered slave species the freedom to walk the Earth. As an engineered species, and non-native to this environment, the created Humans struggled to survive, though, they were successful.

It greatly aided the newly liberated slave species that the food stock animals and plants built by the Colonists to feed their slaves were very hardy within the Earth’s biosphere, spreading across the lands.

When the Space Alien Colonists left Earth, the managerial class of slaves, who were the go-between for the Space Aliens in their interaction with their created slave species, moved in to fill the power vacuum.

At that time, there was a concerted effort on the part of the managerial class of slaves to claim the power that had been held by the Space Alien Colonists.

The managers declared themselves a ‘priest’ class, moved the now absent Space Alien Overlords from a status of physical beings into a category of ‘transcendent omnipotent invisible gods’, and declared that they, the priests, were the only ones with ‘authority’, both here on Earth, over other members of the slave species, as well as with the intercession process of communication with the Space Alien overlords.

It was a sweet gig for the priest class. Too good, too soft & cushy of a position, to easily surrender. Thus the many ills associated with the implementation of religion can be seen to arise from these circumstances.

As also may be inferred, thus arose the human practice of Colonization, of War, as we practice it, of Law as it pertains to interactions between ourselves, and many, many other attributes of our lives here, in this resulting, now.

Civilization, as we know it now, is not a human invention. It was impressed upon the engineered descendants of the original hunter-gatherer tribes by the invading Colonists, both by pressure of force, and by cultural mimicry of the newly formed humans adopting the superior ways of the Space Alien Colonists over the tribal forms of their precedents who provided the base biological source for their genetics.

There have been other civilizations here on Earth. They existed prior to the coming of the Space Alien Colonists.

There have been other, modern humans, here on Earth, who built those civilizations. We are separated from them by the Great Ice Age.

Our antecedents, those hunter-gatherer tribes, were themselves a remnant of the previous ages of Humans, here on Earth. If it had not been for the impact of the Great Ice upon the previous Age of Man here on Earth, the Space Alien Colonists might not have had such an easy time of it with our ancestors.

Though the priest class will maintain that the Space Alien Colonists ‘created’ modern humans in their GANS laboratories, do not be deceived. The Space Aliens are not gods, they are tinkerers. They made small tweaks in humanity, they did not create us. Their goal was to make us just-smart-enough, and docile.

It did not quite work. Humans are far smarter than the Colonists wanted, and not close enough to docile to be able to be controlled, as our priest class is constantly complaining. Perhaps this contributed to the Exodus. Maybe, when we get our species collective ass out into space, and we find these Space Alien Colonists, we can ask them.

20 thoughts on “New Clif High: We’ve Been Invaded by Space Aliens! This Colony, Earth ~ August 14, 2022

  1. “There are some corners of the universe which have bred the most terrible things! Things which act against everything we believe in. They must be fought!” : The Second Doctor, from “The Moonbase”, 1967.

    According to COBRA, here is what is happening:

    Earth is a GULAG, for the past several thousand years. The Archons, the Lizards, and the Chimera (EVIL spider like beings who make the lizards look like saints in comparison) came to earth, and took over. The good guys, the REAL federation, found earth in a hostage situation…hence why it been taking awhile to fight this.

    The Archons and company set to a reincarnation recycling system. Souls get FORCED to incarnate here, again and again, as humans….rather than on other planets, or as celestial beings…..and this applies to human souls and ALIEN souls (hence why I am here…I STRONGLY feel I am, really, a PLEIADIAN WOMAN who was killed in battle close to earth and got trapped here..and the Archons, to amuse their sorry asses, FORCED me to be born an ugly man….which I will NEVER forgive them for). They do this either by:

    Trickery: That light at the end of the tunnel? Visions of long gone loved ones? THAT is the trap. Think of a fly coming to a bug zapper. Oh, it LOOKS pretty….get to close….ZAP!
    Technology: The Baddies established a ‘veil’ over earth, going up to about 60 miles over the earth’s surface. It’s like big bubble that won’t let anything out.
    Guilt: The Archons and Lizards will try to make you feel guilty for refusing reincarnation….stating stuff like spiritual development, or past life karma, or other bullshit….think of a nagging mother who induces a guilt trip on their grown up children to go to married and have kids for HER benefit, not her own kids’ benefit.

    And, when you get reincarnated, as a ‘bonus gift’ the bad guys ERASE your memory of your past lives….easier to control you that way. You REALLY think reincarnation amnesia is a GOOD THING? I do not see how it contributes to ‘spiritual development? Development and evolution involves LEARNING and EXPERIENCE…….amnesia undoes that……that is like wanting to learn to be a surgeon, and you go to medical school and, upon graduation, the dean injects you with a chemical that erases not only your memory of your medical education and training, but also your entire memory and identity. Then he gives you a hard kick to the ass, sending you landing, face down, in a puddle of mud, or a pile of dog poo, and then he shouts “GOOD LUCK CUTTING PEOPLE OPEN, SUCKER!” and he goes off laughing. See how DUMB that all is? This is why, I feel, infants cry like banishes upon being born….their memories are being sucked away/blocked…and they are aware of it. I call it SOUL RAPE. This is why, I feel, we have so many haunted places. Those ghosts that inhabit these places, rather than ‘go to a better place’ KNOW what’s waiting for them if they ‘go into the light’ they figured this shit out, and are going to STAY in these places until the reincarnation trap is finally put out of action, and I can not blame them.

    Now, you are probably asking WHY the baddies do this. Answer: The Archons, like a vampire, FEED off energy from emotions, negative emotions……..hate, greed, anger, sorrow, and ESPECIALLY fear. This is why the Archons, and their partners, the lizards, and the human stooges known as the cabal make life on earth is miserable as possible….OCCASIONALLY throwing you some meager crumbs, like fancy gadgets that are in fact junk (those smart phones….or dumb phones as I call them, are, in fact, 100 year old technology) chemical NASA rockets, a black guy as president, vaccines for engineered diseases, etc. This is to keep the masses THINKING they are both free and advancing…when they are actually standing still and stagnating like old water in a barrel. They also throw distractions…..sports, reality TV, jobs, bills, taxes… ‘keep us busy’. They also FUCKED our DNA, in order to give us short life spans, susceptible to disease, to make us age, and to cut us off from source. Not to mention surround the planet with toplet bombs, which are in the plasma plane, and could do a LOT of damage….far worse than atomic weapons. They also put plasma implants in us to cut us from source as well, making Earth a hostage situation.

    Anyone who thinks this is a fun ‘game’ and the so-called ‘federation’ allows this misery is because we chose to are full of shit and I am telling you so. To anyone who thinks those kids, who are being raped, tortured, maimed, killed and even EATEN because their souls CHOSE this, or that because they are paying for some crime/sin in a past life……

    ……..go fuck yourself. Also, go pleasure yourself with a cheese grater, so you can not reproduce, for you folks who preach this bullshit propaganda, it makes me wish birth control was RETROACTIVE.

    This is no game, this is a WAR, folks. Earth is concentration camp, where the souls who been trapped here have been pretty much turned into cattle for the Archons and their partners in crime. I highly suggest listening to, or reading Cobra’s interviews/blogs.

    I myself plan to meet the good ET’s, get my PROPER BODY, as in gender and genetics, LEAVE Earth, and get back to the stars and find my REAL home world, and my special someone(s) out there, or DIE in the escape attempt.

    In closing: Wake up and smell the mocha. We need DIRECT ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY! Contact is long overdue.
    And whether or not you can handle it, what you have read is the truth.

    *drops mic and walks off*


  2. Yep….so finally someone says it out loud. What I’ve suspected all along with religion and politics and pretty much what Kim has been saying or trying to tell us except it goes back slot farther than 6000 years. There have been many invasions. The Wes Penre Papers go into those things of our hidden history. In the big picture of this planet we’ve been altered and colonized over and over. Then they do the depopulation and reset all over again. Let’s hope this time we wake up and stop the repeating of history as I’ve said many times they follow the Bible like a script. So all the christians who think they are worshipping (warship for the mind) will wake the hell up and take their power back. Humanity it’s time to wake up




    1. ONLY a seldom seen, long overdue culture shock will wake the sheeple…and it must be TANGIBLE. Otherwise, it will NEVER happen, Mich.


      1. Help wake them up as long as it is safe no violence all humanity needs and will soon know the FULL TRUTH FULL DISCLOSURE EVERYTHING WAS A LIE INCLUDING WHO THEY ARE TO KEEP THEM POWERLESS All Are Divine Magic Superheroes !!! Loved 🌈🌈🌈💙💙💙💜💜💜


    1. Then perhaps you are looking with the wrong eyes….meditate and look thru the heart mind connection. The third eye can see past the illusion of your perceived prison. Lift the veil.


      1. Ummm…until the darkies are gone and the good stuff happens…all the meditations in the world WON’T mean a damn.

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  4. The archons can create anything. It A.I. dark rssense. I read a story about an alien grey who says she was punished to incarnate as a human for going against orders as she was one of those aliens that crashed area 51.
    I only responded to you cuz you responded to me.
    So you might be s starseed so perhaps look into cosmic agency on you tube. Meditation is the best way to maneuver this matrix. Try it or don’t. I hope you get what you want. Take care and be you….sincerely.


    1. Cosmic agency is PROPAGANDA.

      “no one is going to help you, you are on your own!” “prime directive” “Swaruu, Swaruu….SWARUU!!!!!”. Or crap that we all chose to come to earth, that earth is a school….BULLSHIT. No such thing as ‘purposeful suffering’. And saying how GREAT life is beyond the confines are earth….only to make a video “YOU ARE NOT READY FOR CONTACT!”, where Swaruu suddenly become an ice queen, acting like a dyspeptic Mitt Romney, talking down the poor peasants for BEING poor peasants, not to mention that whole video about how EVERYONE is straight/heterosexual outside earth….pure BS. She mentally masterbates over the prime directive and NEVER replies to my comments about the GALACTIC CODEX. Couple that with we have NO proof of her contacts…saying we are NOT worthy/allowed to even HEAR her contacts, much less SEE them….Cosmic Agency is a cabal fraud channel, hence why she’s never been taken down. Cobra, on the other hand, the big petition that he began last year, the darkies tried to take it down 3 times…and it became THE biggest petition, getting well over the 100,000 signatures needed for it. I trust Cobra far, far, FAR more than Gosia.

      I am also NO starseed. I did NOT chose to come here. And I sure as hell would NEVER consent to being made human, especially not a MAN, nor would I chose memory wipe…..for that, to me, is soul rape, and I sure as hell know soul rape.

      I’m done with meditations….just twitch and gasp…and when I DO manage it, I get ATTACKED and feel like crap for days. Not worth it. Meditation is NOT the be all, end all….just to give you something to do.

      As Unicron said, “DESTROY THE MATRIX”. Serves NO purpose.

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      1. Well I agree with you on destroy the matrix…it is a construct superimposed over the organic reality.
        I wouldn’t choose to come here ever again without memories intact but either way we are here for some big event that many came here for.
        I haven’t watched all of cosmic agency stuff what I have seen they have been right about.
        Well maybe this event will set you free of the matrix…just don’t go thru the tunnel into the false light. I think the exit is the sun. We come in at the 88,the degree so the way out is the way in…perhaps.
        I hope you find your way back to your alien woman self.


      2. I am AWARE of hte light in the tunnel….i’ll be a wondering soul IF left to die on this planet, I’ll be LOOKING for god/creator…so I can kick the fat fuck in the NUTS. NO loving, caring god would ALLOW this CRAP. Also, reading some of Cobra’s blog posts, the idea of a perfect, all knowing, infallible god is ALSO propaganda by the dark forces. Look up Cobra and “Primary Anomaly”, for even ‘god’ has gotten stumped by that.

        And I will ONLY get transformed into an alien woman in THIS life…..for there will be NONE after. Future lives mean NOTHING to me anymore…..NOTHING.

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      3. Yeah I don’t believe in a creator or God that would allow such evil or the BS that humanity has been under. Common sense would tell you that if God created it all then why can’t he just destroy evil with a thought…it’s stupid to believe that an all powerful god has to play out this whole shit show and he expects us to fight it and endure it till he resends his son again cuz that was all God could do making him a blood ritual sacrifice….it’s all so convoluted but the truth is crazy and I’m s heretic for even trying to speak of it. I hope it all works out for us …and I will continue to work on my way out of the matrix till then..peace.


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