EBS is Coming! President Trump Has Tried EBS Several Times But Failed (Video) ~ August 14, 2022


Could EBS be coming in the near future? It is something that former President Trump attempted but failed to get it done. The video below is a analysis of this and also covers current important topics and Intel! 

Things are moving right along this August is almost at the mid-way point..

One thought on “EBS is Coming! President Trump Has Tried EBS Several Times But Failed (Video) ~ August 14, 2022

  1. The dog and pony theater continues…
    . Stay tuned till next week’s episode of the saga when no EBS is coming and nesara and gesara is once again put off cuz even though supposedly all these cabal people have been replaced we must continue the charade cuz humanity needs to learn a lesson at the expense of all those who know this is just theater and while they are orchestrating a starvation 4th horse of the apocalypse so just hold onto your seats and remain in the theater cuz it’s gonna get crazy and you gotta stock up on food cuz we gotta do a fake war so the sheeple who are sitting in their homes wearing a mask and on to their 4th or 5th jab or lining up for the monkey pox jab will suddenly wake up and say…oh…this isn’t.real…we have been lied to that is if.they can actually think for themselves anymore because it’s no longer brainwashing via tv…it’s a DNA altered A.I. operating system taking over and these are the ones we are trying to wake up with this dog and pony show with everyone who still possessed a mind are trying to get Trump back thinking he’s gonna fix it all just as soon as he can get the EBS out and nevermind that we were suppose to be witnessing arrests and tribunals…now the script is gonna have us witness Trump being arrested? This is the worst movie ever…at least most movies end but this one never ends. I no longer believe we need to wake up anyone to the lies and a system of corruption cuz anyone still asleep at this point will never wake up..they are gonners and no leader is gonna fix this. Not Trump not any actor in this ridiculous movie….is humanity tired of waiting for an EBS? Oh but it’s coming soon…lol. it just madness and we are all in the nuthouse playing checkers . Well when August comes and goes…it’ll be September…then the threat of lockdowns and food shortage then another red October then postponing of midterm elections then January electric blackouts and just stay tuned cuz any day now….the EBS is coming but if Trump is really in charge then why can’t he get the EBS out? Please think critically and see that this is so ridiculous that we are to believe Trump is in charge…all these bad a tors have been arrested yet Trump can’t get an EBS thru but wait…the cabal still has control so we gotta let them do their fake good shortage and start a civil war of the mind controlled jabbed idiots who will be the zombie apocalypse and we just gotta trust the plan and hold the line…..this movie needs to end. Trump of you are still alive and in charge…can we get on with this.? Restore this planet and all the actors remove the masks and release the technology that they have suppressed cuz we gotta lot of work to do. End the charade. The soap opera was old over a year ago. Can’t afford to stock up on food and can’t afford a place to live…do am not wanting to be in this movie any further watching another depression or some ridiculous scare event. Roll the credits and end this. THE END. That’s how it goes.


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