Special Restored Republic via a GCR Report as of August 8, 2022b


Compiled by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.”

“It’s Time to Save our Nation from the People who are Trying to Destroy it. Everything will be Ok.” …Donald Trump

“My read is there are Information Hydrogen Bombs headed for the American Electorate’s brains that are going to light up neurons all over the place. It’s soon to be realized that our tax money went into a fund that ended up being used by insiders who captured control of our country and spent it any way they damn well wished, including against us. It’s going to be epic and lead to either civility and calm in America, or light a fire of angst and anger.” 
…Juan O Savin

The US White Hat Alliance located in Cheyenne Mountain, has given direct orders to Agencies and Treasury Departments in all Red States to no longer do contracts with, pull money out of, bar and shut down Cabal owned banks run by BlackRock, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.

“Our Capacity to Grow and Change”

August 07, 2022 – #4847 Music & the Spoken Word (thetabernaclechoir.org)

“If we want to achieve at our best potential, we need to be open to positive change, to welcome it, even seek for it. Instead of labeling ourselves by our past mistakes and weaknesses, we can envision our better selves and then work to make it a reality.”

Judy Note:

Global Currency Reset:

  • The collapse of the World Financial Economy was in progress, along with global Food Shortages, High Gas Prices and Supply Chain Disruptions.
  • The US was in an Economic Slowdown equaling a Recession, that was turning into a Depression, as was also happening in the UK, all of Europe and Asian Countries.
  • Unlike the Cabal’s Great Reset that was designed to put The People in more debt through digital money that had no backing, the Global Currency Reset (GCR) to world currencies that were gold/asset-backed, would change all that.
  • The GCR launch would be determined by Military Quantum Computer calculations and was dependent upon a worldwide Near Death Civilization Event – which could be the Sat. 6 Aug. Israel launch of Air Strikes to Gaza & Missiles to Israel, while China deployed 66 War Planes, 14 War Ships & 22 Aircrafts that crossed the Taiwan Strait, and/or be the collapse of the World Financial Economy that was in Progress.
  • Liquidity of the Global Currency Reset remained imminent for Tier4B (us, the Internet Group).
  • Iraq had a new Dinar Rate that was trading in the international community, though it has not yet been made public.
  • We will have about 10 days to exchange or redeem our currencies and bonds (Zim) for the special rates. …White Hat Intel
  • The Ten Days of Darkness have already happened in some places. The Internet will go dark in only certain places like New York and LA and then for only 1-3 days. …Charlie Ward.

Restored Republic:

  • The White Hat Military Alliance operating out of Cheyenne Mountain, was rejecting the Great Reset through covert operations that targeted the Cabal Deep State – DAVOS – UN – Rothschild – Kazarian Mafia.
  • The US Inc. was a huge Mafia composed of greedy politicians who laundered tax payer monies back to themselves through foreign aid and endless wars using an agency of the UN called the International Monetary Fund.
  • The Cabal US Inc, British Monarch and Vatican laundered US tax payer dollars for their own use through Cabal owned Central Banks, BlackRock, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.
  • The IRS was not an agency of the Federal Government. It was an agency of the International Monetary Fund, which was an agency of the UN.
  • No law has ever been passed in the US legalizing the charging of income tax.
  • Americans paid a percentage of their taxes to the Queen of England via the IRS 1040 tax form.
  • American citizens have been in the financial servitude to the British Monarch since the War of Independence and Treaty of 1783.
  • All tax payers have an individual master file and are held liable for taxes payable to the UK via a Treaty between the US and UK.
  • Prior to 1991, the Business Master File in 6209 was US-UK Tax Claims non-re-file DLN. That means every US citizen was a business and involved in Commerce.
  • The US White Hat Alliance headquartered in Cheyenne Mountain, has given the green light and direct orders to agencies and Treasury Departments in all Red States to no longer do contracts with, pull money out of, bar and shut down Cabal owned banks run by BlackRock, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan.
  • West Virginia began the Domino effect as Riley Moore, State Treasurer, publicly came out against the Deep State Reset Agenda.
  • Next week seven European countries were expected to block Vanguard-Rothschild-JP Morgan Banks.
  • The Cabal was in panic worldwide. Military was the only way. Trust the Plan. Q

The Real News for Mon. 8 Aug:

  • Taiwan Produces More than two thirds of Microchips. Let’s not forget this rather important detail. Should there be conflict in Taiwan it could mean s massive supply chain disruption, which sounds just like what they would want to create!
  • John Durham Report: “I am wrapping up now, that’s why you’re seeing indictments. I am cutting deals already, too. Everyone in the DC Press knows this, but they are keeping it quiet.”
  • Obama sent a billion and a half $ to Iran in pallets of cash that got off loaded in Iran on to a different plane and was never seen again. Iran denied getting the money.

Riots and Demonstrations:

  • The Dutch, spurred on by Farmers Protests, are hitting the streets en masse.
  • Bangladesh: Heavy clashes in Bangladesh as gas prices rise by more than 50%, the whole world has had enough of those running things!

Covid/Monkey Pox/Vax Hoax:

Disinformation is Necessary…Q

  • When White Hats activate Triple Agents/ Turn Coats/ Moles/ Sleepers/ seemingly Black Hat Operators and there is no immediate confirmation, Anons and Patriots go into confusion and fight among themselves. This confusion of who is a Black or White Hat will continue and the elevated anticipation will bring more tension among Patriots.
  • Everything had to be this way to keep hidden identities of infiltrated White Hat Sleepers inside World Corporations including the Central Banking System.
  • There was a huge war inside the Pentagon and the Central Banking System, but not everything was as it seemed.
  • White Hats have taken control of the Central Banking Digital Currencies backed by gold.
  • The Cabal owned Central Banking System was infiltrated. One of the Rothschilds was flipped and created a chaos Scare Event inside the Central Banking infrastructure. This tactic broke the system into divisions, which created an idea to create a new system using Starlink.
  • Starlink was much more than Internet – it was a Military Particle Beam Weapon with the power to control the World Grid and connected to the new Quantum Financial System GESARA/ NESARA.
  • GESARA/NESARA was being implemented throughout the World in different countries and in different ways – not just in China’s and Russia’s new system.
  • This implementation of GESARA/NESARA was being done in different ways throughout the World. All would connect once Events were triggered at the End Game.
  • There was a difference between the old World Central Banking System and the new Digital Central Banking System. There was a reason why Musk was investing billions into Starlink that would connect World Currency and run the World Banks together on Starlink.
  • Everything you think you know about the Central Banking System will change. The same people are not in charge. With an ongoing war behind the scenes in the old Central Banking System, many are quitting.
  • You will know the Truth when you see the new system is backed by gold.
  • There was a reason banks across the world were closing and many Crypto-currencies and banks would not register with the new Q system in the CBDC (White Hats are in control).
  • Everything that we have been expecting of RV, GESARA/ NESARA to take down the old system, has happened, but not like we thought. Infiltration was the key. There were so many moves behind the scenes – a well placed plan.
  • Trust only Crypto-currency that was backed by gold – this gold was connected to the QFS.
  • Starlink has everything now and a crash was still coming. Many companies and organizations would go under across the world who did not register to the gold-backed system.
  • Trump, Musk and Dorsey were in on the Starlink System – a QFS that would connect everything.

Sun. 7 Aug. Exposing the New World Order Structure and Agenda, Mel K: https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/mel-k-powerful-virginia-beach-speech-exposing-the-new-world-order-structure-agenda/

  • We are in an information and economic war and the Cabal wants us to get into a civil war to fight each other, when we must unite and take out the Cabal.
  • The biggest challenge we face is to succinctly and clearly explain what’s going on to those who have been so propagandized and brainwashed. Unfortunately, half the country doesn’t understand we’re being manipulated and they want to scream about abortion rights.
  • The Globalist private Central Banking Cartel functions as a Corporatist Oligarchy. Five of the top oligarchs in the US are Larry Fink, Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and George Soros, with each managing their respective domains to bring about a Technocratic One World Government.
  • The Globalists’ intent is not only to collapse the global financial system, the energy system and the supply chains and to commit genocide, they intend to collapse all of the world’s governments and to replace them with an artificial intelligence-driven system that ties your identity to a Central Bank Digital Currency with track-and-trace technology, controlling where you can go and what you can buy. It is a Corporatist Fascist model that intends to sidestep government, entirely.
  • The Cabal wants to replace democracies with what they call the Global Public-Private Partnership (G3P), which is already somewhat in place, as we’ve all experienced during the ongoing COVID PSYOP.
  • To know more about the Cabal’s immediate next steps, Mel K suggests that we take a look at who went to Glasgow at COP26 and to think about what it means that they pledged allegiance to the Build Back Better Bill, that was written by the World Economic Forum and is the same exact bill in every G20 nation.
  • Right now in America there are enough American citizens who realize that there was no right and left, no Republican and Democrat. There was only American citizens who love this country and those who were willing to sell us out to Globalist Dictators; that were willing to sell their souls and this country for a buck.
  • The good news is that the installed regime is failing on a level that has never been seen in America – but the bad news is that it’s by design.The good news about that is that the Left and the people that voted for him do not know that – and that is where we come in. We cannot win this battle if The People don’t know we were fighting a war caused by design.
  • There were a lot of people greatly deceived by a PSYOP propaganda campaign that is nothing short of – I always say, Goebbels, Himmler and Hitler, looking up from Hell thinking, “Wow! Those people in Silicon Valley are great!” And that’s where we are.
  • We have to have compassion, love, tolerance, mercy and forgiveness for our fellow Americans, wherever they fall in line right now, because we’ve got to be able to speak to them in a way that they’ve never been spoken to.
  • The International Banking Cabal has no compassion, mercy, humanity, tolerance, nor conscience and they do have a very long term plan.
  • Everyone that they consider a “Useless Eater”, a problem for the resources, because there’s just way too many people, the whole depopulation, the whole myth that we’re running out of anything that God provided – all false, all set up during the Club of Rome and these groups that come out and they talk about how they need to somehow ration God’s Green Earth; the water, the air, everything to the humans, because there’s just too many of us and we’re causing a lot of problems for them but it’s not what they’re saying, right?
  • We have the Propagandists and the hybrid warfare specialists. That’s, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC – I hate to say it – a lot of people over at Fox News, Newsmax, there are the fact checkers; Poynter Institute, Lead Stories, NewsGuard; their overlords at the media. There was a problem that they called “Mockingbird Media”, when the CIA infiltrated the media. The problem is, the CIA was now the media.
  • We are at a mass psychological operation that is being conducted at the highest level, that was come up with by the Satanist PSYOP head of the military called [Michael] Aquino, called MindWar and we are in this mind war.
  • Next level would be the national governments. That would be the installed regime but honestly, the truth of the matter is the installed regime goes side-by-side with the scientific authorities and the health authorities and people we really didn’t pay attention to until COVID. But they’ve been working for 40 years to come up with a way to have science and medicine enslave us.
  • So, on top of that, are the people you’ve got to know about the most, which are the United Nations, the IMF, the IPCC, the World Bank, the World Health Organization, NGOs, like the Open Society and the Tides Foundation and the Human Rights Campaign and the National Endowment for Democracy – all these things that sound really good, right? Well, you be careful about that.
  • We’ve got the global corporations and then thousands and thousands of George Soros and other-backed NGOs all over the world that do something called Color Revolutions, which we, in America are in the middle of one, right now and the biggest problem is above them, is, as we’ve talked a lot about today is the World Economic Forum, Council on Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Chatham House, which is the Council on Foreign Relations basically of the Crown, the Rockefellers and above them is the biggest problem of all.
  • There were five oligarchs, billionaires and trillionaires in America who were running this country and not one government official has any power right now. None of them. They are all being controlled, blackmailed, bribed, they have committed crimes, be it financial, sexual, they have been blackmailed in a ring started by Epstein and Maxwell that seems to be going away, which we cannot allow.
  • There were 10,000 hours of footage of blackmail operations from the Maxwell family and then from Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell that We, the People deserve to see. We need to know who’s on the footage. We need to know who’s on the footage in the Weiner laptop. We need to know what people sold us out, because they were too scared to get caught for crimes that they committed, which is what is going on.
  • On the Bankers: There’s a man named Larry Fink. He runs a company called BlackRock. He thinks he’s the King of America and the World as well. Larry Fink and BlackRock own 90% of America and most of people’s pensions. He thought he was going to be Hillary Clinton’s Treasury Secretary and he set it up during the Obama Administration to be just that. And then, Donald Trump won.
  • Larry Fink was bit just running all the money in America, not just opening the only find allowed by the CCP in China that American money, through BlackRock is being invested in the trillions but he also joined the board of the World Economic Forum and he became the architect of the Build Back Better Bill. In January 2019, he summoned Joe Biden to his office. Joe Biden was at the bottom of the heap for all people running for the Democratic Party. Within two weeks, everybody backed down and Joe Biden was in the lead.
  • Larry Fink basically has more power right now than the private Western Central Banks and the Fed because he also runs Powell’s money. So, you really have to start looking at where are your pensions going? Where are your IRAs going? Who’s investing your money and where are they investing and where is it going? It has to matter! You have to look it up! Don’t listen to your financial advisor or God forbid your union head, telling you they’re taking care of it. Because they’re selling our country out.
  • Eric Schmidt was the head of Google and Alphabet. He ran Google China and seems to be running the entire defense contracting business. It appears that Eric Schmidt and Schmidt Futures right now has about a half dozen of his people.
  • Larry Fink is the creator of the ESG Score, which is the social credit score that is about to be installed here, if they get their Central Bank Digital Currency – also Larry Fink and BlackRock and Klaus Schwab. Larry Fink is on the board of the World Economic Forum, also involved in the One World Identification System that would be a track-and-trace surveillance, total control monitoring of you, your family, your future, your children and everything you do, including predictive policing. It’s not just digital money, it’s digital slavery.
  • We all know who’s running Medicine, Big Pharma and Agriculture: Bill Gates.
  • Jeff Bezos is running manufacturing and space exploration.
  • George Soros is running the social movements that are destroying our country from the inside out.

NASA and the fake journey to the Moon:

  • 50 years ago NASA supposedly had technology in Shuttle crafts to travel 230,000 miles away to the moon. This Shuttle needed only one tank of gas and could supposedly travel through the Van Allen radiation belt with no problems.
  • Today NASA has only traveled 1/thousandth of the distance since 50 years ago, while back then they had technology that was only 1/millionth as strong and capable of today’s Smart phone.
  • Today all evidence of Apollo 11 Shuttle craft/ blue prints and original videos have been destroyed. Nothing has been saved from this historic journey and records. All that remains are edited videos of a moon landing that shows three different shadows from the different lighting sources in some clips. No stars in the back ground (later added).
  • Only one photo of Earth was made public for 50 years.
  • The astronauts were warned not to give interviews and seldom do.
  • If NASA did go to the moon 50 years ago they would have technology and videos to this day of life traveling to Mars & beyond. But NASA can’t even duplicate their Apollo 11 journey, even with the most sophisticated computers and technology to this day that is 1 million times stronger than in 1969.
  • All Apollo 11 equiment, original video tapes and original blue prints were destroyed. No one would ever do this destruction of a historical land mark and journey in U.S. /World history unless they were destroying evidence.
  • Today you can’t get good phone service in the forest or far from the city in high terrains or canyons or the oceans, but evidently back in 1969 you had perfect technology to speak with astronauts 150,000 miles away?
  • There is footage coming out by NASA whistleblowers who have LEAKED the fake videos of APOLLO 11 Astronauts  pretending to be traveling half way to the moon.
  • The Radiation Field between the Earth and Moon is 125,000 miles thick. To this day they don’t have the technology to travel through the Radiation Belt according to NASA Astronauts Col. Terry Virts, Dr. Kathleen Rubins, and Dr. Kelly Smith (NASA Engineer).
  • In official NASA videos Virts, Rubins and Smith say that no one has gone beyond low Earth orbit yet, through the Van Allen Belts of dangerous radiation. This means no one has landed on the Moon yet. Now all three NASA employees are banned from talking to the public.
  • How can a small Space Shuttle leave the Earth which is spinning 1000 miles on it’s axis and flying the through the universe at 4× times the speed of a bullet? How does a NASA shuttle leave Earth to travel a half million miles round trip on a tank of gas, make it through 25,000 miles of the Radiation Belt, have perfect radio communication in 1969 when NASA only had less than 1/millionth of computing power of today’s Smart phone? Why was all EVIDENCE of APOLLO 11 destroyed?
  • Where did all the money go that has been funneled to NASA?
  • This is about the End Game of lies of the Cabal and fall of the Deep State, NASA, CIA, World Banks, Big Pharma and Big Tec.

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[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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