(Reader: TM) Time is Running out for the Non-Humans ~ August 8, 2022


Time …
Is Running Out For The NonHumans …
As They Are No Longer Being Allowed To Utilize Free Beings As Surrogates ?
Is It Natural Then To Feel Alienated
Within This Alien Nation ?

Will The Event Be Explained Away As A Coronal Mass Ejection…
As The Carrington Event of Sept 1 1859 ?
Will It Fry Your Circuitry ?
As Free Willed Beings Existing In A Free Willed World We Must Become Informed Of The TRUTH
Our New Beginnings Will Require This Imperative In Over To Proceed With True Creation.
I Accept Nothing Less
As I Continue To Be Uncompromising
Otherwise We Continue With The Lies.
Not This TimeLine

Sympathy For The Devil ? … Not Hardly
CERNunnos … You Failed Again
When Will You Learn ?
It’s Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature
Ashes Ashes … You All Fall Down
From The Plague … To The Renaissance
Reset … Rebirth … Reform
As The Children Inherit This Earth

In Order To Demand REAL From Your Maker… Let Go Of What’s Not

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