Watch For A Fake Alien Invasion, White Hat Intel ~ August 8, 2022


Editor’s Note: Well…we all believe in UFO’s…right? Of course we do, yet this should NOT be the only determining factor when faced with “disclosure”! Please keep your head about you when faced with the unreal, use all of your senses to determine your truth ( do not be “dumbed down”), and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


The Fake Alien Invasion uses Clouds. Project Blue Beam depends on this.
First the Deep State in many countries declassify UFO documents, and then the Mainstream Media plaster’s the story (like now). Eventually lights in the clouds in unknown countries and huge UFO crafts would be seen behind the Clouds. Then loud sounds and explosions.
It would be 5G using super Sonic sounds that connected to your ear drum frequency which simulated (Alien) telepathy, then Earthquakes and Storms produced by the geo-engineering patents the government has had since 1892.
After the Earthquakes, a new fake archeology will be found that will connect the Aliens behind the Clouds: your phone will transmit fake Alien stories and sounds, pictures and videos.
Most likely this project Blue Beam will be BETA tested in many virtually unknown countries that are owned and bought by the Rothschilds/ Rockefellers/ Kazarian Mafia (the Biblical dark blood lines).
Why would someone create a fake Alien Invasion? Because it was the Cabal-Deep State’s last chance to hold on to power. They were being exposed worldwide over the past years.
This Project Blue Beam was always in the cards for the Deep State’s last resort.
They have already started Project Blue Beam in Rothschild-bought countries. Think south Russian border countries.

19 thoughts on “Watch For A Fake Alien Invasion, White Hat Intel ~ August 8, 2022

      1. Not exactly…Trump is White, cabal is Dark, yet we, individually, need to grasp how to escape the good/bad system. This is done by learning You control You… no one else need apply! :)🌹

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      2. We Are Being Told The Entire System Which Is 100% Criminal Fraud Is Being Completely Dismantled As Lawfully Required Date After Date Promised Comes And Goes Humanity Is Being Lied To So Far About The Lawful System Change


    1. It’s gonna be the actual ALIENS who help/save us. You REALLY think humanity can slay a dragon like the cabal, and their dark ET masters (the human cabal are stooges, who take THEIR orders from the dark ETs), alone and unaided? Ain’t gonna happen, folks. Otherwise, it would have happened already….I don’t see ANY humans going all Dragon Ball Z.

      We need DIRECT ET contact, and we need it YESTERDAY! Otherwise, it’s gonna be business as usual, here on Planet Gulag.


      1. @Michellereyes3

        Then WHERE are they? Where’s the masses landings and first contact, then?

        and prove to ME the war is over.


  1. Nothing Has Been Done In New Jersey EVERYTHING That Needs Lawful Dismantle Is Not The Military And World Leaders Have A Deadline They Must Meet For All Humanity To Liberate All Final Change All Criminals Locked Up All Televisions Must Be Taken Over That Keeps Being Postponed


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