Game Over! Trump Just Got Blindsided! U.S. General Has Something No One Knew About Until Now! ~ August 7, 2022


Editor’s Note: Given the state of the world with the ultimate release of revelation of reality by the dark, I expect to see quite a but of “surprise” news designed to confuse and divide our nation. So…please watch what you will, think about what it is you learn and where you learn this from, make up your own mind, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Everyone knows the goal of the January 6th Commission is to demolish, destroy, criminally indict and imprison Donald Trump. Even if you’re not a fan of the man, you can’t help but to cringe at the kangaroo court proceedings of the commission. It is however especially relevant to understand that their centerpiece belief is that Trump DID NOTHING TO PREVENT the Jan. 6th event and actually triggered the crowd to breach the Capitol complex. So, what if I told you there is no sworn testimony evidence that will unravel the entire sage…well there is…and it’s from the most unlikely source. A source involved with the now ‘sworn enemy’ of Donald Trump himself!

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