Misc. News and Reports 8/6/22 PM

Ukraine Under Pressure in East as NATO Chief Says Russia Must Not Win 
(They send weapons and money but won’t commit to actually fighting the Russians. That is a recipe for disaster. The Russians are winning and will eventually win it all.)

Russia To Capture Kiev and Odessa over U.S. Biological Laboratories! 
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stunned the collective West today when he declared that Russia “Has information that the US built two additional bio warfare labs; one in Kiev, the other in Odessa. They have developed pathogens in those labs.

We will have to capture those cities to dismantle those labs to save the world from another pandemic.”

This stunning statement makes clear Kiev and Odessa are now officially targets of the Russian special military operation (SMO).

It also makes clear that Russia flatly believes it was the US through its foreign biolabs, that caused the COVID-19 pandemic, and may also be to blame for the outbreak of Monkeypox.

Now that Russia’s intention to take Kiev and Odessa is public and clear, one wonders if there will even be any country called “Ukraine” after this conflict is done? (by Hal Turner)

The Russian army is preparing to take Nikolaev under siege. 
Russia has deployed a 25,000-strong strike force to southern Ukraine to try to cordon off Mykolaiv, The Times testifies. 
A significant part of these military arrived there recently. 10 thousand of them are located on the western bank of the Dnieper, southeast of Nikolaev. It is believed that Russia may be preparing an offensive to encircle this city. 
The Times notes that the capture of the city is necessary if Moscow plans to capture Odessa. In addition, Russia may need an offensive to bring the bridges over the Dnieper in Kherson beyond the reach of the American HIMARS systems received by Ukraine.

Turkey is Another Nation to Join “Brics” 
“One positive aspect of our visit to Sochi is our agreement with Putin on the ruble. (…), our transactions in rubles will ensure benefits for Turkey and Russia, ” the Turkish head of state told reporters on his return flight from Sochi to southern Russia, where he met Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday. 
The two presidents agreed that deliveries of Russian natural gas to Turkey “will be partially paid for in rubles ,” Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak confirmed. Erdogan did not specify the volume of futures trading in rubles. Of course, this event is a landmark event for the relations between the two countries. Turkey is making the leap to the BRICS as it joins the “Ruble Zone” created by Putin. This Zone requires payments in national currency or even rubles thus excluding the dollar…

From WarNews 24/7, Translated from Greek 8/6/22

Blinken: We will activate the defensive treaty if the Philippines is attacked.

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