Your Lion’s Gate Portal is OPENING ~ August 5, 2022

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Did you know that a powerful cosmic portal is opening right now?

Every year on and around the 8th day of the 8th month of the year (August 8th), there is an alignment called “the Lions Gate.”

The Lions Gate is a cosmic portal opening and a time of increased energy flowing between the spiritual and physical realm.

It’s an incredible time for activation and progression on your unique awakening path.

I met Melanie Beckler several years ago during a Lions Portal, and I thought I would share her article with you today so you can learn from it and discover some of her favorite meditations.

Discover how to make the most of this powerful energetic time here:

–> The Lions Gate Portal Is Open!

At its essence, the Lions Gate Portal is all about empowering you to claim your Highest Truth as a Divine Being in physical form…

And to receive the activations, key codes, clear guidance and Divine knowing for how you can magnify love in your experience and call forth the full remembrance of your spiritual gifts, and your highest Divine Truth.

–> Start your spiritual ascension process today.

You’re going to love this detailed post and the activations . Just be sure to experience this now, before the Lions Gate closes for 2022.

In love and light…

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