August 5, 2022: Spiritual Wars Raging on Many Fronts from Invisible to Blatant [videos]


It’s Fridaaaay! And it’s been a big week all over the world. The satanic mob that has been ruling our planet is being drawn out of the shadows for all to see. They cannot fight the war from the darkness; they will have to walk out into the spotlight.

Hallowe’en is still a long way off but we can almost hear the shrieking of the banshees here in Maricopa County, Arizona. We didn’t know who would win the election; we only knew who should win. How the cabal would handle it and what the White Hats had planned was a question mark.

Some said there was no point in having an election when the problems from 2020 had not been rectified but the People knew what they had to do and they showed up in record numbers—again. It was almost a replay of what happened with Trump in 2020. The People’s vote overwhelmed the cabal’s cheating and left them scrambling to declare their own winners. They had to block Trump at all costs. This time we have a bit of a twist, and the true winner is declared. They had nowhere to go because they were caught in their own trap. It’s official—now watch the attacks increase; the character assassinations, stories about marital affairs, illegitimate children, alcoholism, anything they have the nerve to make up. They already lied about having a tranny porn star doing a show in her home but this little spitfire won’t take their guff.

CLEAN SWEEP: Kari Lake Officially Wins, Takes Every County!

We often see strategic lightning strikes in times like these and two have been reported. Kari Lake’s “victory party” was in Scottsdale on Tuesday night.

Lightning struck a palm tree in Maricopa County’s Scottsdale setting it ablaze. Then lightning struck near the White House. All this right before Kari Lake was officially declared the winner of the gubernatorial election primary. There are prophetic signs everywhere! ⚡️

— LuckyLadyFox9 (@LuckyLadyFox9) August 5, 2022

The Pinal County election director who can’t seem to plan for adequate voting ballots is already gone. That won’t take long, did it!

Something about that scenario makes me think of Trump and his “I like acting” when asked about why he appoints people in the position of “acting AG” or other positions when they get switched after a few months. Some actors have short, supporting roles, and if it’s true the White Hats have had assets in place for some time, ready to step in when their cue came, this guy might possibly have been one. Just a thought. The new one might be “one of ours” too, ready to ensure a clean job for the general election in November.

Political columnist Brian Cates’ explanation of what has been unfolding is probably accurate. Link to Telegram.

You know I was speculating for 3 days what the Maricopa County Election officials were gonna do.

Pretty sure there were frantic meetings with a lot of yelling behind closed doors about the fix they suddenly found themselves in.

They were positive they’d done enough early mail in cheating to withstand any red wave that hit them on Election Day this past Tuesday.


Even with the usual vote-splitting strategy of having 3 other GOP RINO candidates on the ballot to help Karrin Taylor Robson pull votes away from Kari Lake, Lake still won handily.

You know what’s going on right now in Arizona? In all those counties where the GOP/Democrat Uniparty cheaters had spent a lot of money setting up what they thought was a foolproof cheat system?

All those election officials in Pinal and Maricopa and all the other counties where the fix was in are now having to explain, hat in hand, as they face wrath of the McCain and Cartel Mafias just how this could have possibly happened.

UNTOLD MILLIONS OF DOLLARS were spent with the direct purpose of PREVENTING what is now going to happen.

Katie Hobbs is going have to face Kari Lake in the general in November.

It was obvious who had the support of the People, just as it was obvious that Trump would have won by a landslide but we never know how the script will go. It was a huge letdown when we found President Trump was not awarded the win he so richly deserved and for two years we have heard that it was the most secure election ever and Trump was trying to pull a coup.

But what’s this? They have changed their tune. Now there’s rampant election fraud? These people are stupid.

Outsourcing is how the cabal lines the pockets of its deep state cronies and ensures loyalty to the cause.

We should not be outsourcing our election processes to woke corporations. Runbeck Election Services Inc should not be handling our ballots, period. For the people and by the people ONLY.

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) August 5, 2022

If you’re following the Alex Jones/Infowars trial about Sandy Hoax, the verdict has been declared and they took Infowars to the cleaners and destroyed free speech.

Watch: Alex Jones Responds to $4.2 Million Sandy Hook Verdict (

Dave has an excellent roundup, as always, on what is unfolding and why. Dave, however, doesn’t believe the world will fall for the Monkeypox scamdemic plan. He thinks they have learned and had enough of the lies and manipulation. It’s going to be an interesting fall/autumn.

FYI for anyone interested, this Scamalert Telegram channel warns of the fraudulent ads, the channels implicated, etc. They included Phil G’s network. Looks like Phil’s really phamous now.

A couple of the crew members have pointed to Brian Cates “other channel” where he gets deeply into the criminal history of Phil G. which doesn’t leave much doubt about his character and loyalties. Phil is now threatening to add more people to his defamation lawsuit, which is exactly what CIA Robert David Steele did when I shared some bad press from Crowdsource the Truth about his behaviour and where he lives while asking for donations from everyone. These cult members are bullies—but Steele is gone now.

China Made A Big Fuss Over Taiwan Visit Because I Am A Woman Says Nancy Pelosi

China Made A Big Fuss Over Taiwan Visit Because I Am A Woman Says Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is in trouble with the Chinese and her drunkard of a husband is in trouble with the law and the people injured when he crashed his car in a DUI.

Paul Pelosi lands himself in more trouble!

— Sebastian Gorka DrG (@SebGorka) August 5, 2022

Society is not going in a good direction if this continues. Law enforcement and the courts must do their job.

Sad all the way around. Sort of like illegal immigration: when the criminals know, or believe, they will suffer no consequences, more of them come, but in the end, they get hurt and the outcomes can partly be blamed on the authorities who don’t enforce the law in the first place.

— Sharyl Attkisson🕵️‍♂️ (@SharylAttkisson) August 5, 2022

It’s obvious where this guy’s loyalties lie, and he’s paying the price. They’ve got ‘im in their sights.

COVID: German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach tests positive

Here’s an interesting prognostication: Link to Telegram.

Feb 27th 2022
Watch! News will break out about Tulsi Gabbard. She is changing sides from Blue to Red. She has seen what is going on and cannot stand for what they stand for. Yes, Tulsi is not one of them. Watch, My children, as more switch sides. More will suddenly retire and step down. They know they will not win this time. The Democratic party, as you know it and see it now, will be no more. Yes, this is a time to clean house, you would say—spring cleaning of anyone who does not stand with Me and does not stand for freedom.

March 13th 2022

Continue to watch Tulsi Gabbard and her words. The tide is turning, and more people from the left will go to the right. My children, I know you are asking, “Lord, how can we trust anyone from that side?” My children, watch. Some will have an honest change of heart. Not everyone has sold their soul to the devil.

I’ve just discovered that the amazing Good Dog is on Telegram and he is posting incendiary stuff so had to state that he is not and never would be suicidal.

It’s Friday, which usually feels good, but my energy may be low due to the news of our friends’ declining health condition. She is in pain, losing weight, bed-ridden, and they have daily home care now. She doesn’t want any friends visiting and her husband thinks she doesn’t want us to see her that way.

It’s heartbreaking and seems like they are just leaving her to die on chemo. I would have been getting second, third, fourth, fifth opinions. I gave them so many options to look at but they are elderly and only partially awake and I think they took the advice of the butchers and went the traditional way without any investigation of alternatives. The husband is hoping for a miracle recovery but without some serious Divine Intervention, how could that happen? JoAnne never hurt anyone, worked well past her retirement age, performed regular community service, and didn’t deserve this. Where are those damn med-beds!!!???

In addition Eli has been attacked by dogs on the perimeter of the local park twice in the past week. And at the dog park there is a big, tan dog who hates me and stalks and barks at me. I don’t make eye contact and just freeze when he’s around. He has done this the past three times we have been there and last time he even barked as we jogged over to our truck as he watched from behind the fence—as though to say, “And don’t come back!”. The owner apologizes but instead of putting him on a leash, just called him over to where he was but the dog kept coming back to me and barking in a menacing way. I think we may go to the other dog park and try it out.

It feels like evil spirits are trying to do their damnedest to make life miserable. Fortunately Eli wasn’t hurt but one dog did pull out a little tuft of fur. Today I was glad Eli had the prong collar on as it may have protected him a little from that dog that should have been on a leash. The owner knows his propensity for being mean and called him but when the dog saw Eli he made a beeline for him and ignored her commands. Eli just rolls over on his back in defensive mode and yelps. Today his tail was between his legs even after the woman called off her dog. These attacks were completely unprovoked and evolved after the aggressive dogs sniffed Eli for a few seconds. Then they decided to attack. I feel like I need to carry a taser.

What possesses these animals and people? When there are head-on car wrecks in good weather in broad daylight and pilots are jumping out of planes… not to mention a sudden increase in trolls and nasty comments on the blog, what are we to think?

Perhaps this has some merit: Link to Telegram.

The Higher Energies is spiking again — triggering heavy emotions for some. These are old memories of mistreatment, bitterness & resentment, carrying it from lifetime to lifetime — deeply buried within the body, way below conscious awareness.

When anger arises do not look for a cause – instead acknowledge it & watch as they flow & dissipate. At first this can be difficult & you may feel unable to restrain yourself from expressing it, but as your awareness grows, you’ll see that nothing outside yourself is truly responsible for it & that you can choose to let it go because it’s only a feeling which does not control you.

Anger never last indefinitely but you can prolong it by dwelling on the apparent cause & the cause is always within you, arising as a result of a painful & possibly unacceptable negative self-judgment of a thought or action that is projected onto another person or an external situation in order to escape from it. Release & free yourself from these mentally enslaving emotions.

Keeping it lite… we have the next predicted shortage—but don’t get indigestion over it. It’s only craft beer so most of America won’t mind. In general they seem to prefer Bud Lite. There are puns galore in this short Fox news segment.


Now there is going to be a BEER shortage!!??.. 🚫🍺

This won’t go well..🤭

— Marvette 👽🇺🇲🚀 (@Freedom2713) August 5, 2022

Before I go, another enlightning story… [for the English major—I spelled it that way intentionally]

There was a lightning strike recently at the Eiffel Tower/La Tour Eiffel, but um, isn’t that what is supposed to happen? Aren’t the original towers and domes and cathedral spires supposed to attract the ether energy and transmit it within the power grid? Why was Paris called the City of Light? See the perfectly timed video of a few seconds at the link below. Perhaps Tesla power isn’t far off.

February 27, 2022

Watch. There will be a sign on the Eiffel Tower. Yes, I know all who are in France. I am delivering your Nation. To all of My children worldwide, I am also delivering you. This freedom is worldwide, the great Exodus. So do not bury your head nor give in to anything they do. Stand up and take what I, the Lord, am doing for you. My Angel Armies are at war for you. They never lose, and neither do I. My Will will be done on this Earth as it is in heaven.

Thanks for finding this Isaac Agyiri

Closing for today, folks, with food for thought. Back soon.  ~ BP

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