The People Revolution Has Begun – August 5, 2022

For FWC-Channel by Peter B. Meyer – 4 August 2022

What is set in motion, is the greatest and most beautiful challenge, which forms mankind into a unity, to purify, protect and preserve planet Earth as the jewel of the Universe.

Even though it may seem now that there is no way out of the current situation, where the dark powers still seem to have the upper hand, the reality is clearly different – their battle is lost and we have won!

The energy for the breakthrough is now building up among the people – and on a day no one can predict, quite unexpectedly, the full extent of the lies will be exposed and seen by the masses, to discover that they have been heavily duped by their trusted establishments.

At that particular moment, through the supremacy of the people, everything will turn for the better and everyone will turn towards the Light. Consider this period of now as preparation, but know that it will surely happen. The cabal-matrix is broken, it is now only about the mass awakening by the people. They must be able to see with their own eyes the criminal bad characters who have caused them untold damage and who they really are.

The deeper you are rooted in yourself and the more connected to your soul, the greater is your understanding of the cosmic connections and the easier and more harmonious you can live.

Everything revolves around independent thinking; unfortunately, few people have been taught this. Maria Montessori, with her emphasis on autonomous thinking and individual intuition, used children’s natural eagerness to learn to teach this experiential knowledge and to demystify the classical follower attitude.

The power of the dark forces will fade the day the population rises en masse, and show that planet Earth belongs to them. Remember that many still have to attune to this positive transformation, and that may take some time.

Be a contributive participant for the Awakening process and spread this message far and wide.

There is Something Big Going on Earth!! – New way of thinking.

One thought on “The People Revolution Has Begun – August 5, 2022

  1. I personally want to leave this ‘jewel of the universe’ and go with the aliens…and go HOME, to my REAL home planet.


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