The Core – August 4, 2022

Greetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj.

When I went to school, in science class, learning about neutrons, protons, nucleus and atoms. We were basically taught that these are the elements that make up the Universe and your being.

Reading the texts in the books, they had images of the supposed atoms and the other elements which somewhat looked like little balls or spherical in appearance.

My focus was not in the words, in the writing explaining how they work, my focus was on the images. And wondering what is within the atom, not just what we can SEE with a microscope. Acutely looking at the nucleus images, and asking myself what is at THE CORE of the proton and neutron, what is it that fuels their movement.

THIS is spirit energy, plain and simple. At the core, this is the light, the spirit force of Creation. This is your Soul, in every atom of your body, and not just in one particular part of the body. We would say small light packets of the Soul. For it is impossible for the physical body to hold the Soul in its entirety. The body would burn out in an instant.

Of course then, when I was in school all I knew for certain is that there is MORE to it than just atoms and such. I did not know what it was or how to explain any of this. Certainly I did not bother asking the teacher for I knew what answer I’d be given.

This light within you, encompasses by far your physical, this is the 99% of your being. The true, spiritual being that is YOU, is 99% spiritual light, and only 1% physical.

It is time to stop thinking, feeling, and believing that you are caged animals. Thinking you cannot overcome these illusory shadows in your world, within and without.

You have forgotten that you are omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, you hold the Universe together, for you took part in creating it.

We have stated before the best teacher is the one within. The brightest light shines from within. All it takes is silence to hear the whispers of your Soul. To feel the vibrations of this essence that is within all that grows and changes. This spirit force, this light love is what holds the Universe together. Also at the same time expanding and blossoming with new thoughts, experiences, and creations.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!

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