Telegram Today (sans pics) – August 4, 2022

They added Denmark too.

CIA has been taken over by NSA.

NZ has now broken away.

Basically every created by the UK Royals/Crown/Rothschilds is now null & void.

The removal of the Act of 1871 reverses & cancels everything.

All Commonwealth Constitutions ie Australia 1901. The Balfour Declaration 1917. Removal of 5eyes & Mossad.

As stated above only Mil Intel stays.

This is how everything under the Rothschilds Central Bank System is also wiped. Debts, Mortgages, Taxes, Vaccines etc all become illegal.

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According to Nathaniel Rothschild, heir to the Rothschild family fortune…“Without Ukraine, the global order may not survive.”

Did you catch that??? 😳😳😳

This is a RED ALERT PANIC CALL 🚨🚨🚨 to fellow globalists saying that if the Ukraine were to fall, then so would the NEW WORLD ORDER. [They] are literally BEGGING for military reinforcements from other globalist nation states to aid in “saving” Ukraine for the NWO agenda…This is incredibly telling, especially knowing about the US funded BioLabs there. Preventing next Plandemic, perhaps?

He also said that Xi was a “close second” to being the “worlds most dangerous man” next to Putin. That confirms my belief regarding Xi…George Soros said the same thing. That is NOT coincidental.

There should be NO more questions. It should be ABUNDANTLY CLEAR by now that Putin, and Xi are single handedly DESTROYING the NWO, and [they] are ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED about it!

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Bill Gates – The BioTerrorist

Step 1 – Put farmers out of business.

Step 2 – Buy cheap farmland.

Step 3 – Control food supplies.

Step 4 – Claim to be the saviour.

Bill Gates is the most dangerous man on the planet right now

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WHO Admits Everyone Who Receives a MonkeyPox Vaccine is Part of a “Clinical Trial” to Collect Data on its Effectiveness

Just like the Covid vaccines, Humans are the new guinea pigs.


For all those women who say it’s ok, its their body their choice.

To all those women who say it’s the mans fault (he has to accept his responsibilities too, and he SHOULD), but men don’t get pregnant, men don’t give birth, men don’t gestate children in a womb, only women do.

Women hold the keys to their kingdom, women get to decide if men have sex or not, that’s a fact, and the biological consequences are greater for women, so women have MORE biological responsibilities.

Men don’t have the same biological responsibilities.

This isn’t to hate on women or make excuses for men, I’m just stating facts.

Abortion isnt bith control.

That is all.


This should put to bed any and all speculation as to which side Grassley is on 😂😂😂

The man just quoted Q on Fox News and is using his position to expose Deep State rats in the FBI/DOJ and the plot by the DNC Globalists to weaponized the IC to take down Donald Trump.

I don’t know how much more blatantly white hat you can get.



May 19,2022


The last virus didn’t work the way they wanted it to, so they will try to spark the fear of a new one that might cause more damage than COVID. Do not listen. This is their desire, but they won’t see it. A sickness will plague your enemies like the plague of boils that happened to the Egyptians. They are getting on them what they wanted for you, and they won’t be able to hide it, saith the Lord of Hosts.


June 29th 2022

A new disease will be in your news, they will shout, and they will try to bring much fear. But it will not work. The nations will not comply with yet another lie to steal away their freedoms.


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