August 4, 2022: Ukraine, Not China; Nothing is What It Seems


No preamble. Huge news broke today after all the talk of China, China, China—and it’s not. At least, not only China.

You might recall we revealed in the past month or so that Ukraine was a hotbed of biolabs where the psychopaths experimented with and developed bioweapons. Turns out the Russian Military learned that the C-19/Wu Flu “virus” or whatever it is, originally came from Ukraine.

I knew the Wuhan dropped vial of bat virus and other stories were bogus.

This is why it was so important for the Russian Military to take control of that situation. There’s no telling what might have been our fate if they had not. As with anything else, the globalists have used our money to do consistent and ongoing research into all sorts of ways to eliminate Humanity. Not only that, but their goal was to develop “vaccines” that would target entire races for their ethnic cleansing agendas.

Did the Covid test swabs secure DNA from the masses which would enable them to do that? It is probably quite possible as they have never let on how advanced their technologies are. Learn more at the substack link. Link to Telegram.


Folks, this is without a doubt my most explosive article to date, and Russia’s allegations have escalated to a whole level.

Russia has now DIRECTLY accused the US DNC of intentionally, creating, disseminating, and artificially fueling the spread of, C19 as well as Monkeypox.

We have finally arrived at what I believed Ukraine to be about all along.


Folks, it’s happening.



This doesn’t make sense. Why is it only Arizona that takes extra days or weeks to count and verify ballots? AZ has a relatively low total population. Other states can do it in one day. It’s abnormal, and you know what that suggests. The world is watching to see how the US elections go because as they go, so goes the world.

While 7 in 8 voters cast an early ballot, 122K were returned Tuesday. Now, we verify each signature, review provisional ballots & contact 1000s of voters whose signatures require additional review. With an est 150-160K ballots left to count, we’ll update results daily by 7 pm.

— Maricopa County Elections Department (@MaricopaVote) August 3, 2022

We understand Kari Lake won in every county except Maricopa at the point they said they had only counted half the ballots and we wouldn’t know until morning how the vote went. Suspicious? You bet. We’re all watching Arizona very closely to see what the cabal’s next move will be.

As I mentioned, there were ridiculous ballot shortages in two Arizona counties on Tuesday. Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Theses people are stupid, and the brand spanking new Elections Director is now toast. They basically threw him under the bus because there’s no justifying that kind of a “mistake”. He couldn’t survive that. Link to Telegram.

Breaking: Pinal County Elections director is out.
He is responsible for the inexplicable ballot “shortage” that targeted Republicans.
Panic in Arizona.
We need an investigation immediately.

However, it will be interesting to learn who the Earth Alliance assets are who have been in place for awhile and will play a role in the takedown in the Grand Canyon State. Perhaps he was one? We just don’t know but as one clever dudette said, the cabal has now opened themselves up to a colonoscopy with a spotlight directly on them. There’s nowhere to hide.

We know how the enemy wants the movie to go, and they are trying, despite the press telling us that “Monkeypox” is either mostly limited to the gay community, or that it is simply a reaction from the poisonous jabs. Take your pick—but it’s not grounds for a health emergency or lockdowns, masks, etc. If people haven’t learned that yet, the past two plus years were a waste.

JUST IN – HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra declares #monkeypox a public health emergency in the United States.

— (@disclosetv) August 4, 2022

I’m quite sure I shared this [below] once before, but I think it’s gaining in relevance, based on the above and similar declarations. It could be very accurate, or only partially accurate. Time will tell. This would mean, of course, that the White Hats indeed have control of the mainstream media—or at least they have the ability to override it when the time comes. That alone would really freak people out. It might be where the Starlink technology comes in.

Will it get this far? Will we be going backward and manipulated into giving up our freedoms again? Really? It gives me a headache just contemplating the possibility.

Army in training to implement emergency broadcast system

The trigger for e b s will be
Vaccination is mandatory all over the world with blockades. When this really happens just know we’re just around the corner from the new world people, don’t be mad or panic. This is what is needed. Yes, it really needs to happen this way so that we can move to the bright future. It’s part of the script and
the final stage, a truly painful, awakening movie that was necessary to awaken the masses. This will ensure that everyone is safely settled in their home and witness a historical moment that reveals all truths, cover ups, etc. through the E B S which is inevitable. Everything is planned to happen. The practice test will take place so prepare yourself. There must be a test and then a review of all events and activities. The possible implications at the national and global level could be quite complicated so things must be kept inside
compliance with the protocols . Yes, there are many consequences if things are not done precisely and perfectly. This is what I’m talking about
practice running in front of the right people to see answers and accuracy of what lies ahead that changes humanity. We hear the schedule is finally set, but then again I’m just the messenger. Be prepared to adjust if necessary with regard to possible weather changes. Only a select few know the moment of the exact and precise time of the event. For safety and other obvious reasons, it must be properly protected. E B S to air the 8 hour video again. It will be replayed 3 times a day for 10 days of Communication Darkness.
During those 10 days of communication darkness, the following will happen. We will receive 7 “Trumpets” aka EBS text messages to our phones warning us to turn on the TV at this time. Our phones will only work for 911 and we have been advised that the Signal app, which is military encrypted, will be available. Our TV’s will only show 3 movies with explanations on a continuous loop for 10 days. It will cover topics of arrests, tribunals, corruption, fraud, pedophilia, etc.
Our internet will not be working during that time. Our atm machines will not be working. After 10 days of communication darkness, we will connect to the new quantum internet.
People are being urged to stock up on food and water for at least three weeks. We were promised a new Star-link Internet system by the end of the month.
Again I repeat be prepared with food, water, toilet paper, generators, etc. for this great awakening revelation.
As we speak, the teams coordinating this important historic event are renovating E.B.S to ensure greatest safety for all involved, so please be patient as things are finalized. They want to make sure there are no interferences of any kind at all. The plan makers don’t want anyone to panic because it’s simply putting out the truth.
After E B S and going through a ten day blackout by mainstream media and spending it all 24/7, (eight hour long movies), are we back to normal as usual?
The answer is: After E B S and 8 hours of 24 7, movies will change. Life support, bound to old and evil systems, will be withdrawn. Humanity and planet Earth are simultaneously transitioning into a quantum reality awareness system (Peace and Prosperity). End the slavery of financial and human consciousness. Old systems of government, education, finance, healthcare, trade and commerce etc. , they will all be dismantled and replaced.
We will have a new currency called USN US NOTE and protected by gold.
Now is the time to warn as many as possible who will listen. Don’t have too much pride. Go warn the ones you love even though they think you’re crazy. Your goal for others is to really help absorb the shock of what’s to come.

Subscribe //

It may seem excessive to suggest we stock up on food and supplies for three weeks, but if the 10 days of no ATMs, etc. is in effect, and there are no banks open, no POS working [point of sale] in stores, and they want everyone home in front of their tel-lie-visions to watch the looped truth videos, it then stands to reason that by the time things open up, people go back to work and supply chains are linked up again, it could plausibly take three weeks for the majority of things to get back to some semblance of normal. Depending on how traumatized the snoozers are, it could take even longer. So, just a cautionary note to ensure you have done what you can to be able to support yourself for awhile. In extreme cases I suspect the military will help to feed and protect civilians if need be.

As they say, things can’t change overnight and we have a long way to go. Despite the daily conversations about and illustrations of outright censorship, there are still many who don’t recognize free speech and want to tell others what they can say and how they can say it.

They want the world to conform to them rather than exercising tolerance and acceptance of our individuality and freedom of expression. They want unity on their terms. It’s something we will probably all have to work on to some degree because there are too many who are offended by anyone and everything.

We don’t want to see people having drinks dumped on them, their MAGA hats knocked off, or punches thrown. That’s uncivilized and inspired by the demonic cabal.

New video and social media platforms were created to accommodate the freedom of expression and hopefully the truth, but even that is a subjective thing and one person’s truth might be anathema to another.

The controlling ones are going to find that the world will not turn inside out for them. We are striving to provide more freedom, not less. We don’t want people telling us how to dress, how to wear our hair, what to say, where to live, what to eat, what to learn, what language to speak, how to worship, what kind of pet to have or how many, how many children to have, what movies to watch or books to read or anything else.

Freedom to be who we are in that full expression is the goal. “Don’t tread on me” is the motto in some circles; in others, “live and let live”, but it’s a process and we are evolving. From what I have seen over the past several years, we’re headed in a positive direction and none of us are perfect.

Many subscribers have been on board [the crew] for years and I’m willing to bet not one of them sees everything exactly as I do because each of us are on our own, unique journeys and have been shaped by unique experiences.

I share as I am guided and so do the crew and something must be working because while I have never advertised, our subscriber list has grown from nothing over eleven years to over 9,000 and despite the censorship is still growing. I don’t mind if people unsubscribe because it has never been about that. I’m just doing my part the best way I know how and anyone who does not resonate is probably going to leave and that’s their prerogative—and that’s freedom.

All I can do is stick to my mission; continue to share information that illustrates where we are in this process, what is happening behind the scenes, why, and show that the future is bright. I never set out to share popular opinion. I don’t aim to displease anyone but I can only express the truth and reality my way, unless I’m quoting others.

I don’t ask for money, I don’t ask people to buy branded gear, I just keep my nose to the grindstone to inform and enlighten and have some fun along the way while rubbing elbows with some of the wisest, more informed people in MAGA-land, whatever country that may have spread to as we all drain our swamps.

Just when you thought you would never be surprised by anything again, a stranger story surfaces. What would possess a rational man to leap from a perfectly good airplane sans parachute? I use the word “possess” intentionally. What kind of messages were in his brain, and why?

911 Call Reveals Doomed North Carolina Pilot Jumped Before Emergency Landing

That concludes another post for a day. Keep on truthin’, my friends.  ~ BP

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