August 3, 2022: The New Republican Party Sculpting a New America


What an exciting night Tuesday was. Out with the old and in with the new.

In case you missed it, Trump gave us the 5:5 last night. We needed it for that nail-biter here in Arizona—a key state in this election. Trump trained the patriots well, they did what needed to be done and we managed to secure a number of big wins which will stand us in good stead for the November big one.

The shenanigans were wide-spread, isolated in multiple counties but the biggie was the fact that both Pinal and Pima counties in Arizona for some odd reason ran out of Republican ballots just one hour into the voting. Imagine.

In Tempe a voter said election officials asked her if she would like to switch her party when she went in to cast her vote. Legally, one would have to do that outside of 29 days prior to an election. Other areas were pushing the Pentel felt-tip pens. The incidents reported on the Arizona  Informer channel on Telegram was full of stories people were telling of their experiences. Incident reports. They can be used for investigations—and probably will because Kari Lake is adamant about election reform.

When a flock of honking Canada geese drafting overhead early this morning on our walk was much larger than usual and in a perfect V formation, I took it as a sign. I thought, “There it is. They’re giving it to Kari.” Normally we see six or eight geese all willy-nilly. This was more like twenty and a clear message; Victory, and that was just prior to people posting on Telegram and Twitter that Kari Lake had been declared the winner in the gubernatorial race.

Kari has been effectively branded and is up to the task, and then some. As did Trump, I believe the new governor will be undoing much of the damage the traitors did over the years. When she is done with the McCain/Ducey, etc. business, it will be like they were never here.

In hindsight, Q dropped a remarkable post in 2018.


Nov 12, 2018 11:50:47 PM EST

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 000000 No. 466 

ARIZONA R Gov won by 328,000 votes.
D Sen is winning by 32,000 votes.
R Gov won Maricopa County by 325,000 votes.
D Sen winning Maricopa by 32,000 votes?
[350,000] vote swing to D Sen?

Something in the back of my mind, however, was wondering if we have heard this end of this. It was too easy, was it not? We KNOW they will not simply acquiesce and ride off into the stunning Arizona sunset.

There is this:

It was a hair-raising race in Arizona on some counts and the numbers had us wondering if they were going to cheat in our faces again because Kari Lake’s votes were late-comers. Kari, however, told everyone including the media at her party in Scottsdale that the system is “F’d” and when all the “legal” votes were counted, she and her team would win. It was mean to leave us hanging all night but I guess it was better than the three weeks the mob took in 2020 to finalize the steal. The White Hats have to get the normies to engage.

TruthHammer had this message for the corrupt cult—the outgoing establishment:

Maricopa County Supervisors,

Right now you sit on a block of votes you announced you’ll release at 7pm today. You are no doubt running the numbers and wondering if you dare “go for it”.

You are no longer “protected” behind a wall of senior officials who agreed to cover for you.

This would be a good time to retire… overseas.

Tick Tock

I am expecting a few more hot desert nights before this storm blows over, but this post from Brian Cates is very interesting and doesn’t surprise me in the least. Link to Telegram.

Maricopa is attempting to do what all corrupt counties do.

They are holding back most of the vote as they furiously try to flip the race.

But I’ve been told there are assets on the ground in AZ that have been there for months and the cheaters are in for a massive surprise.

Politics can be a deadly business and in Michigan the patriots had to back off for their safety.

What the hell is this? Alex Jones caved? And how the hell does he know—was he there? Did he do a forensic investigation? Was he in on it? More likely they greased his palm. How many times have we heard he’s a CIA asset? Controlled opposition?

What our patriot/citizen journalist investigations revealed: The Sandy Hook “massacre” was a theatrical hoax with shitty crisis actors. It was a staged “drill” they recorded and published as an actual event. No one died, and every family in the town was paid off. Their mortgages were zeroed out to buy their silence and the police and coroner were in on it.

The school they used wasn’t even open because it was slated to be demolished. A woman in the UK said they stole a photo of her living daughter that was posted online and used it for one of the so-called victims, reporting she was killed in the school shooting. If this court case is for real, Jones’ testimony is an outrage. Next they’ll be saying planes hit the World Trade Center on 9/11.

There have been regime changes all over the planet. Here’s another.

Peru PM resigns as investigations target President Castillo

I can’t wait to hear what this was about. Of course he was “known to authorities” as they say. Check out the article at The Ottawa Citizen.

The crazies are out in Ottawa. The bus company says “Amphibus” in the photo but the papers are saying it’s actually amphibious. It does’t look amphibious to me but apparently they do tours on land and water. What is the significance of this, do you think? Is Turdeau still at the “cottage” or is he back in the mansion post-refurbishing? I think he’s about to move into his new place in Cuba.

Amphibious tour bus crashes into gates of PM’s residence at 24 Sussex, no injuries

A curious message came through on someone’s phone, I think in Canada, about the EBS and they posted on Telegram, asking if anyone else got one. Link to Telegram.

I also saw this reference to EBS on a private Telegram channel:

MULTIPLE REPORTS: EBS alert systems being updated throughout the Pacific Northwest. Watch for new utility poles going up in random locations.

I mentioned the new cylindrical tower they installed a few blocks from us a couple of months ago. I believe it’s part of the infrastructure to be able to take Humanity to the next step in the Plan.

Regardless of crimes committed, this vigilantism in Brazil is scary. I couldn’t do it. Will it put a permanent end to the crimes? Link to Telegram for video.

After the Brazilian government permitted the killing of motor cycle riders who rob & kill citizens – in order to put an end to this menace, this is what the citizens there are doing!!!
When Law Enforcement do not do their job, citizens will…

The horrific worldwide Human trafficking and satanic ritual abuse are big truths that the snoozers still need to face. They will never expect the level of betrayal they will discover when they can finally see it for what it is.

The most lauded and decorated sickos are honoured by their deep state cronies and hide behind badges, long robes, and credentials of designation after their names. You gotta love a good sting op.

More news we don’t enjoy reporting… Santa Surfing included a couple of posts on Telegram.

JUST IN – U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, a Republican from Indiana, killed in car crash this afternoon.

Two others in the vehicle and the driver of the other vehicle have reportedly also died.

The US elections ain’t over—not by a long shot. Here’s the plan for mail-in ballots later this year. How many in America believe their government is honest and above-board? Just watch what happens between now and the November elections. Americans are going to have their eyes opened, but other countries along with it.

US Postal Service Makes Announcement on Mail-In Ballots Ahead of Midterm Elections

The afternoon is all but over so I will close here with the latest astrological interpretation from Laura Walker in her August 3 Oracle Report recording of “When angels cry.”

Prepare for the Lion’s Gate energies coming in around August 8.  ~ BP

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