What to do when you’re TRIGGERED!!! ~ August 2, 2022


Editor’s Note: Yes, Yes, Yes! These moments NOW are indeed the “best of times”, and the “worst of times” as we ALL (no exceptions allowed!) reach the realization that we are, in fact, someone very different than we imagined ourselves to be in the 3D world we have experienced!

How to cope with yourself as this realization is “triggered” within yourself? When you are triggered, the human anger/pain processes arise within us! Yet…your own anger/pain is actually a very good thing working to “clear out” old processes allowing new ideas, feelings, and self-realizations to flow within.

Please listen to this video, know you cannot hide from yourself and therefore will be “triggered”, ultimately allowing us All to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


What to do when you’re TRIGGERED!!!

Kerry K

What do you do when you’re triggered? How you handle it determines how you grow, how effortlessly you progress through life and how seamlessly you evolve into a light body state. It’s not that you should not get angry or triggered, that would be an act of suppression and definitely not supportive. This 9 minute video will offer you practical support and its something that you can play back for yourself when you are triggered and needing to resolve it.

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