August 2, 2022: Election Integrity—To Be or Not To Be? ~ August 2, 2022


If you are still here, surfing the WWW to see how this movie script is going to go, congratulations. It’s like a train wreck; we don’t know where to look and just watching it is painful, but it seems most eyes are on the primary elections currently underway, and, of course—Taiwan where the next train wreck will undoubtedly take place. They are certainly building it up.

The control freaks really, really, really want war.

LATEST: Sources suggest U.S. has killed Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.


“He was such a villain that they had to kill him twice”

So, al-Qaeda’s Ayman Zawahiri just died a 2nd time?! 😂😂😂

He already died of natural causes in October 2020!!
WTH is going on??

🇺🇸ProudArmyBrat (@leslibless) August 2, 2022

You can’t make this up. Talk about recycled news. How can anyone trust anything the lamestream media says?

The train wreck waiting to happen.

While the “scare event” will be scary for the snoozers, for us it will probably be like a thunderstorm that brings relief from the buildup of heat, the raindrops replacing the beads of sweat as we wait, and wait, and wait…

The election taking place in Arizona today will be very telling. We have heard that in various places in America where voting has already taken place that election fraud and improprieties have been reported. We also hear that not enough has been done to prevent a similar scenario to the 2020 steal from happening again in some counties but I would think that enough has been done, and the awareness has increased sufficiently to prevent a runaway election of that scale. TruthHammer reminds us… Link to Telegram.

AZ Governor, Sec of State, Attorney General, Maricopa Supervisors, Maricopa Election Supervisor… they all know what the natural vote is going to show today.

Do you expect they will quietly yield power and let new officials like #KariLake begin sweeping them out of office?

What’s going to happen over the next few hours?

The enemy is pulling stunts like this one in Racine, Wisconsin. [Twitter thinks we need to be protected from this “potentially sensitive” material. That’s how they prevent the truth from easily being shared. Pathetic, isn’t it?]

No GOP poll watchers or observers in the van. What could go wrong?

Racine, Wisconsin Democrats Found a New Way To Cheat With Mobile Voting Vans Paid For With Zuckerbucks appeared first on DJHJ Media.

— David J Harris Jr (@DavidJHarrisJr) July 31, 2022

The election fraud that took place in 2020, when exposed fully, will have a bearing on the future and some feel there will not be a November election at all. For those reasons these primaries are going to be very interesting.

We expect challenges and monkey business. TruthHammer on Truth Social stated:

Everybody saw the Colorado Sec of State election get rigged, and a recount is inbound. Every time the uniparty globalists are forced to take such an obvious risk they raise the temperature of a giant powder keg that is already on the verge of blowing into mass public action.

Right now they are debating how far to push it in stopping @KariLake. Pray for her safety, and pray the enemy is exposed when they try to rig the election for Karrin Robson.

The rats are cornered.

Colorado is as corrupt as they come. This, we knew. The video below at the Telegram channel gets into an update from Tina Peters. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING NEWS!! From Recounts to Lawsuits: An Update from Tina Peters on the Absolute Clown Show and Corruption Happening in CO…Watch full here

Other countries are not immune. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING 🚨 Voting for the next UK prime minister has been delayed after GCHQ warned that cyber hackers could change people’s ballots – The Telegraph

Humanity needs to see justice and at Guantanamo Bay, at least, the wheels have ground to an almost complete halt in the 9/11 military tribunals as the reporting from C-Vine’s Linda Forsythe reveals in her video, below. Linda has been following the proceedings for a long time and reads a report she wrote where you can scan along with her as she narrates. It’s disappointing, but not really surprising. The dark side continues to throw up roadblocks to prevent the proceedings from moving forward. Link to Telegram. Linda says…

I just released this short, and to the point video about the 911 trials. How is the crime of the century being swept under the rug? You may want to watch how it is being conducted and put away all the diversions for a mere 15 minutes. Why? Because THIS is the reason FOR all the diversions.

GTMO OPINION: 9/11 Plea Deal Burying Crimes Without Tribunal~Getting Away With Crime of the Century!

Stuff like the following is frustrating to intelligent, thinking people.

Once monkeypox is detectable in the wastewater, it’s game over for eradication; the sewers are swarming with rats. It will become endemic. We will need to resume universal vaccination against smallpox/monkeypox.

Monkeypox has been found in the wastewater in San Francisco.

— Denise Dewald, MD 🗽 (@denise_dewald) July 27, 2022

Meanwhile, we hear San Franciscans are waiting in line for hours to get the Monkeypox jab.

That’s all for now. I will be watching the election results later today and hoping that the steal doesn’t come back in a rerun. It’s obvious who the People of Arizona want, but the devil has other ideas. The New York Times reports that Kari Lake failed to expand her base. What?

In the Republican primary, Kari Lake, a Trump-backed former local television news star, emerged as the early front-runner, but polls show she hasn’t expanded her base.

Link to Telegram.

Arizona’s Kari Lake has 885,000 followers on social media.

The Swamp’s Karrin has 13,000 followers on social media.

How is this even a race without election fraud❓

Truth ( | @KanekoaTheGreat

Captain K/ Seth Keshel is one to watch for truth in reporting. Link to Telegram.

Over and out.  ~ BP

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