Russia Cuts-Off Natural Gas Flow to Latvia ~ August 2, 2022


World Hal Turner

Russia Cuts-Off Natural Gas Flow to Latvia

Russia has cut off natural gas flows to Latvia amid growing energy concern for winter in Europe after supplies to Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Netherlands and Denmark were also shut off.

Europe is facing an acute energy crisis as Putin weaponizes energy supplies in apparent retaliation for leaders defying him over Ukraine. 

Russia’s state-owned gas giant Gazprom cut off gas to Latvia today because the country refused to pay in roubles.

In a short statement, the company said it was halting its gas deliveries to Russia’s small neighbor because Latvia broke ‘terms for extraction of gas’, which is believed to refer to the EU country’s refusal to pay in roubles.

This week Russia also reduced the amount of gas coming through the Nord Stream 1 pipe – the main route into Germany – to 20 percent capacity. 

Officially, Moscow says flows are being choked off because of repairs to turbines which pump the gas but Germany said this was just an excuse. 

Most believe Putin is exacting revenge on European leaders for defying him over the war in Ukraine.

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