Celia Fenn – August 1, 2022

astrological conjunction
Astrological Conjunction

So… the buzz right now is about the Uranus, Mars and North Node astrological conjunction in Taurus, happening today 31st July, at the same time as the Lions Gate energies.

What that means is that there is a lot of powerful energy around the issues of home (whether it be your home or the Planet) and finances that is really becoming intense right now. The North Node signifies the destiny of your soul on Earth, which means that whatever issues are coming up now have a very deep impact on who and what you are.

You may find the energy is highly charged and aggressive as people struggle with these energies in their lives.

Best advice is to seek your center and your tranquility, knowing that this will pass, and that the energy wallop that you are experiencing right now is to help you to realign your path with your Soul and your Destiny.

If you feel uncomfortable right now, then it means that on a deep level your soul is guiding you to realign before the Lions Gate and the new Time Spiral that initiates at the 8/8.

Follow your inner guidance and know that all will be well. This is a big transit and we have to step up by going within and finding our answers in the place of inner Peace and Tranquility, our true “Home” while on Earth.

Have a peaceful and tranquil Sunday everyone!

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