August 1, 2022: The Ebb and Flow of Revelations and Red Pills [videos]


It’s getting intense out there, folks. The trolls are returning with their threats, accusations, nasty remarks, and it’s obvious they are panicking. I love clicking that delete button. Poof! and there they were; gone.

While we are told that the future is rosy and “we are winning”, some of the information surfacing might give some pause to question the validity of those assurances. Obviously, the situation is clear as mud.

It seems that those who are popular and outright champions for Humanity are called into question by someone at some point. Then the task of parsing the data and weighing it against actions must take place.

We need to remember that some people who were either on the side of the enemy or were neutral had to pick a lane. We also need to remember that many people infiltrated the cabal over the years and are now stepping forward to show us the way to the Golden Years.

This video from the Gabriels of American Intelligence Media, who have Jesuit roots, appeared on Before It’s News. They tell us Ron DeSantis has a cabal, secret society background. I thought it interesting to present. Perhaps it’s another topic and another patriot for the awakened to argue over. You decide.

Was Ron DeSantis Sister Murdered in London?

The following was unexpected. The crew shared a link to some fascinating information about the hidden and hacked financial accounts of a handful of key people often discussed in the truther movement. The website explains how this came to be, but I find it particularly interesting because I was wondering just the other day where all Phil G’s money comes from. Ask and ye shall receive. Also discussed, David Wilcock, James O’Keefe, and Canadian Jordan Peterson along with a mention of Alex Jones and Stew Peters. There are a lot of zeroes in some of these accounts. There is additional interesting reading on this site as well that I have not yet looked into. Click here to read the article or listen to the audio or research more.

It is time the false nature is revealed and the truth told. Rose, like many of us, takes no pleasure in exposing the dark agendas and lies, but it must be done sometimes. She tells what has unfolded with Jetson White, who, as I mentioned, puts information very similar to the Yellow Rose for Texas intel in his videos. Rose was asked to clear up some inaccuracies. 11 min.

The Con – Debunking the Lie 7-30-22

The Con – Debunking the Lie 7-30-22 from YRFT on Vimeo.

Juan O Savin and David Nino Rodriquez had an important conversation yesterday that clarifies a number of things, such as what the White Hats mean by “enjoy the show”. Juan knows what is going on and while he is careful about getting too specific or making statements, he does frame events very well so we can understand the strategies in play with the Earth Alliance and the deep state control freaks.

Juan discussed the 25th Amendment coming into play, and we’ve all seen the resident’s Wu Flu condition. It’s going to be interesting.

You will have a clearer innerstanding of a lot more after hearing this one because Juan is one of our best information sources. Anyone who says Juan talks but doesn’t say anything is either a troll or has a comprehension problem. However, since the enemy doubtless has spies listening in, Juan may also put out a little disinformation. 1 hr. 31 min.

Juan O’ Savin On Nino’s Corner “107”

Just to spice things up a little, we have Grace of Really Graceful on the odd events unfolding in New York City. What are they up to? Is it just about scaring people and putting them on edge so they can be more easily manipulated? I always thought it odd that Trump said, “I am Batman” but when you look into the Gematria, maybe not so odd. NYC is sometimes connected to Gotham City of Batman fame. We keep hearing about that “scare event” so something big is coming.

Something Strange is Happening in New York City

You know what else is odd? I hear Lake Mead, created by the Hoover Dam is empty, and also see reports of Las Vegas—Sin City—under water.  We revealed the third set of Human remains recently found when Lake Mead dipped to historic lows. We have had warnings for years that Lake Mead is shrinking. On July 19 there was that odd explosion and fire at the dam they tell us was a transformer. Are they now flooding tunnels under Vegas, perhaps? The monsoons would be good cover. I can’t recall if there are tunnels beneath LV, though

As Lake Mead reaches record-low level, satellite images show dramatic losses

Las Vegas Flooding Videos Show Water Raining Down Inside Casinos

🚨#BREAKING: Rare Flash flood hits Las Vegas Nevada

📌#LasVegas | #Nevada

A rare thunderstorm has hit one of the US,s driest city’s in downtown Las Vegas on Thursday night, triggering flash flood warnings.Videos show water pouring into casinos and flooding parts of Las Vegas

— R A W S A L E R T S (@rawsalerts) July 29, 2022

On the painstaking election rigging scene, things are hotting up in Arizona and the White Hats are naming names. That means prosecutions… right? Don’t hold your breath. This could take awhile.

BREAKING: Bombshell Presentation Reveals Identities Of Maricopa County Election Employees Who Deleted Files From Election Server BEFORE Maricopa County Audit

We’ve talked about The Pit. Learn more from Brian Cates on Telegram.

Don’t forget what the real purpose of The Pit is.

It’s prep for pulling “The Ripcord” where 2,000 Constitutional sheriffs are handed concrete, actionable forensic evidence extensively detailing criminal felonies involving election fraud in the 2020 Presidential election that occurred in their counties just under 2 years ago.

A hundred or so top MAGA/Conservative influencers get a preview of that concrete, actionable forensic evidence before it’s handed off to those sheriffs.

It goes viral before it’s given to the sheriffs.

That’s how this is going to work.

Assuming they don’t, you know, shut the internet down or something like that.

People may scoff when we tell them that Humans are food, but the ugly truth will have to come to the fore soon. The psychopaths are trying to encourage us to feast on each other.

There are still many ends to tie up before this saga is over. The fate of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is one of them. Because of who we believe Assange to be related to, and the clues given, like this thumbs up when he was removed from the Embassy in London without his feet having touched the ground, I believe he is safe and protected by the White Hats; one of their most valuable assets, I would say.

Pompeo: Sources for Yahoo News WikiLeaks report ‘should all be prosecuted’

Here in Arizona, plenty of good stuff is manifesting. Kari Lake’s patriot republican voters are holding drop box tailgate parties to monitor activity and ensure an honest election. What a great idea. If citizen policing is what it takes, go for it. Evenings are beautiful this time of year when the heat has abated somewhat. I wonder if they’re packin’ heat.

Janae Shamp
Who else is having Dropbox tailgate parties?! Arizona Patriots are strong together!! Love the hat sir!
Replying to @RealSKeshel
We are running with your drop box tailgate parties. We ram one mule off just by being there…

— One of Trumps Deplorables 🍊 (@JeannieGiering) August 1, 2022

Arizona Patriots Hold Drop Box Tailgate Parties to Protect Free and Fair Elections

Plus, we got walloped by a huge storm on Saturday evening and so much rain came down we had to let a little water out of the pool. We heard there was a haboob in Scottsdale just prior to the rain hitting and our pool is still a little murky but improving. We heard a dust storm caused a Phoenix-bound plane out of Oregon to be diverted so it must have been significant. Surprisingly, the high winds did little damage to trees this time; possibly because the branches at risk came down a couple of weeks ago in big winds.

As I mentioned for those interested, Eli turned seven months old on the 29th and at 60 lb. has caught up in weight. He is average now and several people noticed he bulked up. We will drop down to two meals a day and a bedtime snack to keep him lean as the weight gains now should be only a pound or two each month.

It’s surprising how fast puppies grow in the first seven months. This is the progression of outgrown collars from what must have been a cat collar with a bell he wore when he came to live with us, and the two successive ones for small dogs. He now wears a larger, royal purple collar which was Mica’s, and the last one he will need.

Eli is easier to have around now, doesn’t get into things like he did the first six months, and doesn’t like getting locked in the kitchen so he parks outside the gate unless he is lured inside by the promise of snacks or the process of food preparation. He also prefers sleeping outside the crate rather than being closed inside but he still gets up with the sun so around 5:30 he is calling for Human company and his breakfast. Oh, joy.

Probably the most surprising thing about life with Eli is the condition of his toys. Unlike our previous two Golden pups, he doesn’t destroy them by removing the squeakers, ripping the fabric, or chewing them up. We still have the tiny ones I bought him at eight weeks of age.

He does love dog chews, however, and makes short work of them, and likes to shred paper and bubble wrap which we are curbing now as we don’t want to encourage him chewing up books, etc. What he also chews is towels and blankets that are under him or in front of him getting his attention. He still tows his bed around the kitchen, rams it into solid objects and folds it in half so he can hump it. Eventually, when he is neutered, that will hopefully end.

He has outgrown the medium crate we used to keep him safe in the truck so he is learning how to navigate inside the cab and is getting his ‘sea legs’. He’s very unsteady and a little clumsy yet even when just running at the dog park. He fell this morning and got a muddy wrist.

Here he is exercising restraint, waiting for me to give the okay to nab the cookie off his paw.

Eli 7 mos.

This is the first pic of Eli on his bed for comparison, 5 months ago.

Signing off for today, folks. Thank you again to the crew for sharing the important and entertaining info they find and their thoughts.  ~ BP

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